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Intralogistics automation for the top-quality dairy products

In January 2019, Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company, a leading company in the Vietnamese dairy industry, opened a new refrigerated automated warehouse for finished products at Saigon Dairy Factory. The facility was aimed to expand the storage capacity and improve operational efficiency to keep up with their business growth.

Refrigerated AS/RS improved the shipping operation efficiency of finished dairy products

The Saigon plant of Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company (Vinamilk) produces a total of 30 items, including yogurt products and Probi Yogurt, a fermented lactic acid bacteria beverage. The products are supplied to supermarkets, convenience stores, and other retail outlets in Vietnam, as well as exported to other Asian countries, New Zealand, and Australia.

The finished products were previously store on fixed racking. As the production volume increased, the storage capacity was approaching its limit, and shipping was becoming more labor-intensive and time-consuming.

To solve this problem and cope with further growth, a double-deep automated pallet AS/RS was introduced as a pre-shipment storage facility. The 20.5-meter-high automated warehouse makes effective use of the ceiling space, securing a storage capacity of 3,520 pallets, about four times that of the previous system in a limited space.

Products transported from the factory by conveyor are palletized by SKUs and put into the automated warehouse by forklift. Later, the products are sent to the order picking area where they are mix-palletized according to shipping orders of the next day and then store back into AS/RS. On the next day, the products are retrieved to the shipping area in time for the arrival of the shipping trucks so that they are shipped in a short time, maintaining low temperatures.

For the operation of the entire warehouse, a warehouse management system (WMS) has been introduced to manage all inventory information.

These material handling systems have led to thorough quality control, a significant increase in productivity, and a reduction in shipping errors.

Customer’s comment

For this project, our management team wanted to improve the efficiency of a series of processes related to storage. Daifuku's proposal met our requirements, so we also installed a similar system at the Tienson Milk Factory in Hanoi, which is responsible for supplying northern Vietnam.

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