Message from the Sustainability Officer

We will contribute to the realization of
a sustainable society by creating
the economic and social value we must aim for
based on our long-term vision.

The Daifuku Group announced our long-term vision, Driving Innovative Impact 2030, and our four-year business plan for 2027 in May 2024. By considering our vision of future society and its issues, we have established what we would like our company to look like in 2030 in terms of both economic and social value, and we have formulated a new business plan as a midpoint between them.

From fiscal 2021 through fiscal 2023, we promoted our sustainability initiatives based on the five themes and 18 material issues established in the Sustainability Action Plan. However, from fiscal 2024 onward, we will promote the 10 frameworks established in the business plan (three in business domains: evolving existing businesses, expanding into new areas, and developing next-generation solutions; and seven in business and operational framework domains: establishing a system to bolster growth, financial strategies to bolster our business, revamping overall business operations, safety reinforcement, eliminating environmental impact, strengthening management structure and refining business management, and organizational strengthening). In accordance with the long-term vision we have formulated, we are committed to further accelerating our initiatives focused on the future and realizing the economic and social value we must aim for.

We have been actively promoting ESG (environmental, social, and governance) and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) initiatives, but I believe that we must strive to meet the demands of society at an even higher level in the future. In May 2023, we revised the Daifuku Environmental Vision 2050, which included raising the environmental targets for 2030; however, as we expect to achieve the targets we initially set ahead schedule, we made further revisions to one of our priority areas, addressing climate change, in May 2024. In addition to upwardly revising our company’s CO2 emissions (Scope 1 and Scope 2) reduction targets for 2030 (compared to fiscal 2018) from 50.4% to 60%, we have also established a new target for the ratio of electricity derived from renewable energy sources, aiming for 80% by 2030 (Japan is expected to achieve 100% by 2027). The Group also aims to build a sustainable supply chain, and in January 2024, we established new Sustainable Procurement Guidelines that outline the standards we expect our suppliers to comply with. To resolve a wide range of social issues such as climate change and human rights issues, we will not only work as one unified Group, but we will also further strengthen cooperation with our customers and suppliers.

We will continue to engage in dialogue with our stakeholders and endeavor to enhance our corporate value and realize a sustainable society. We appreciate your continued guidance and support.

  • The results for fiscal 2023 will be disclosed on this website around the end of August 2024.

    May 2024
    Director and Managing Officer
    CHRO (Chief Human Resource Officer)
    Corporate Functions Head
    Hideaki Takubo


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