Sustainability Management

Basic Approach

The Daifuku Group aims to achieve a sustainable society and enhance corporate value in accordance with the Group Code of Conduct, which is based on the company creed, “Hini Arata,” and our management philosophy, “Automation that Inspires.” In putting our sustainable business to practice, we assented to and signed the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), which encompasses 10 principles across the four fields of human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption; we are also working to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN. Moreover, the Group positions the three-year business plan and the Sustainability Action Plan as the two cornerstones of its management strategy, and all employees strive to achieve both social and economic value through our business activities.

Three-Year Business Plan

Sustainability Action Plan

Management Philosophy

Automation that Inspires

Inspire society, deliver prosperity and enhance well-being through our core competence – automated material handling technology.

We will

  • strive to realize a sustainable society that minimizes burdens on people and the environment, respects human rights, and encourages responsible manufacturing.
  • work together with customers around the world to create optimal smart logistics solutions that incorporate innovative technologies.
  • ensure a fair and open corporate culture that respects diversity and allows each individual to excel. Further, we will strengthen our fundamental management practices globally to have a high level of transparency.

Corporate Policies

Sustainability Promotion System

The Sustainability Committee is chaired by the CEO and includes the global business heads of each business unit. Committee meetings were held five times in fiscal 2022. The Committee provides top management with instructions on the implementation of action policies and plans regarding measures for various ESG issues such as the environment and human rights, and it reports the details of its initiatives to the Board of Directors as needed. In addition, the Environmental Management Subcommittee and the Human Rights and Supply Chain Subcommittee have been established under the Committee’s jurisdiction, and they are each working on specific initiatives according to their respective goals.
To promote sustainability management throughout the entire Group, we hold Global Sustainability Meetings to share information and discuss ESG issues with our global affiliates. This meeting is intended to be a subsidiary meeting of the Sustainability Committee and was held online twice in fiscal 2022.

FY2023 promotion system
Members Committee Chair: President and CEO
Committee Vice-Chair: Corporate Functions Head
Members: Global Business Heads of each business unit, President and CEO of Contec Co., Ltd., Safety and Health Management Division Manager, Production Innovation Division Manager, DX Division Manager, Legal and Compliance Division Manager, Business Strategy Division Manager, Corporate Communications Division Manager, Human Resources and General Affairs Division Manager, Finance and Accounting Division Manager, General Manager of Governance Promotion Department
Voluntary participation Outside directors, full-time Audit & Supervisory Board members

Sustainability Committee Activities in FY2022

Conference unit Main agenda items
Sustainability Committee
  • Progress management of the Sustainability Action Plan
  • Plans and targets for achieving carbon neutrality
  • Management and disclosure of human capital
  • Future measures based on proposals from shareholders and investors
  • External ESG evaluations, etc.
Environmental Management Subcommittee
  • Energy and resource conservation in business operations
  • Introduction of renewable energy
  • Review the certification standards for Daifuku Eco-Products
  • Review the Daifuku Environmental Vision 2050
  • Establish guidelines relating to biodiversity, etc.
Human Rights and Supply Chain Subcommittee
  • Identify, analyze, and evaluate negative impacts on human rights
  • Support and handling of domestic suppliers
  • Review the contents of new guidelines relating to procurement, etc.


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