Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

Smart Handling AGV Solutions

Daifuku Airport America, a subsidiary of Daifuku North America, Inc. (Daifuku) , is the leader in Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs). Since entering the AGV business in 1961, over 14,000 AGVs have been sold to date. These AGVs can increase productivity, reduce operating costs, and improve ergonomics for nearly any company in any industry, including automotive, distribution and manufacturing.

Daifuku’s advanced offering of standard and customized vehicles provide the most cost-effective and efficient solutions. These AGVs can work around the clock to make continuous-flow manufacturing and just-in-time delivery easier to achieve.

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AGV Guidance Technology

SmartCart® Magnetic Tape/Bar Guidance: AGV’s use magnetic tape or bar as guidance technology for simple or complex systems. This allows customers to deploy solid AGV systems that can seamlessly and robustly accommodate the complex environments of modern manufacturing.

AGV Navigation Technologies

Natural Feature Navigation (NFN): Environmental object data is collected by on-vehicle sensors and used by the AGV to navigate its path routine and location.

Laser Navigation: A field of reflective targets seen by on-vehicle sensors and used by the vehicle’s computer determine the AGV’s location and navigational directions.

Inertial Navigation: Odometry data and in-floor waypoints are used by the vehicle’s computer to determine location and navigational directions.

Enhanced Navigation: Additional sensors can be added to augment ay of the AGV’s navigation technologies.

Co-Navigation Technology: The use of multiple navigation packages on a AGV for challenging environments.

Daifuku AGVs

Daifuku AGVs are ideal for moving products on an assembly line or transporting goods throughout a plant or warehouse. Because they're automatic and durable, these AGVs provide reliable and consistent point-to-point movement of everything from small parts to heavy pallets.

Assembly Line Systems

SmartCart® AGVs are a flexible and cost-effective assembly line solution that can tow or carry loads up to 22,000 pounds. These AGVs be customized with a load handling carrier or a scissor lift to meet your specific needs. They can form a continuous moving line where an unlimited number of SmartCart AGVs remain synchronized at a close distance while traveling at a slow speed.

Warehouse and Distribution Centers

Daifuku AGVs offer a wide range of tuggers, which can tow or carry loads up to 22,000 pounds. There are also options for a single or dual roller conveyor AGV. This is useful for delivering pallets to and from roller conveyor systems. In addition, the Counterbalance Fork AGV is perfect for picking up and dropping off pallets from conveyors, stretch wrappers, or the floor.

Heavy-Duty AGVs

Daifuku is the industry leader in designing, engineering, and manufacturing heavy payload AGVs for applications where a standard vehicle is just not enough. These heavy-duty AGVs can be custom-built to specifications and can transfer and move loads up to 125 tons/250,000 pounds, both indoors and out.

Engine Marriage Vehicles

Daifuku’s on-board assembly AGVs are the new standard for streamlining chassis assembly and chassis-to-body marriage operations. Current applications support complete sub-assembly build-up as well as brake fill and test operations prior to chassis/body marriage. The rugged design provides a flexible platform for guide-path system changes and model year changeover plans.

Smart Handling Education

Daifuku’s Smart Handling Education offers AGV Training Classes to enhance knowledge of the features, control systems, and maintenance of the Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) product line. These classes are ideal for technicians, maintenance workers, and engineers to give an in-depth understanding of how to care for AGV systems.

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