Talent Development

Basic Approach

The abilities required of each employee vary depending on the type of job, rank, and country/region. To achieve higher performance by departments and individuals, it is important not only to rely on the abilities and attitudes of individuals, but also to have a framework and system for developing the human resources that the Company requires, as well as to implement such a system.

Group Code of Conduct (extract)

5-2. Realize the potential of each employee

  • We will respect the diversity of individuals and create an environment in which each employee can demonstrate his or her full potential.
  • We will strive to fairly provide opportunities for employee development as needed and as appropriate.
  • We will strive to expand ourselves and each other's abilities and demonstrate our full potential.

Promotion System

The Human Resources and General Affairs Division plans and promotes cross-company personnel-related policies. They are moving forward to train, in particular, the talent that will support the expansion of global business as well as the strengthening of management. Every year, primarily the Human Resources and General Affairs Department drafts the annual plans for stratified training modules where only eligible employees from new hires to executives can learn the requisite knowledge and skills. Each type of training module is given with teachers invited from both inside and outside of the company according to the module content.

Major Initiatives

To effectively facilitate human resource development, we are deploying systematic and focused measures. In addition to rank-based training, we conduct selective training to develop executive candidates and global human resources.
Beginning in fiscal 2021, we began an e-learning prerequisite program to acquire business skills and knowledge as a requirement for recommending candidates for managerial positions. In addition to methodically developing candidates for management positions, the program is intended to encourage autonomous learning. Further, we have developed a new training style that takes consideration of the post-COVID era. This training is conducted in three steps: (1) prior learning using on-demand materials (input), (2) online sessions for exchanging opinions, etc. (output), and (3) self-development learning after online sessions (follow-up).

Overview of training and main training programs

  • *N1 to N3: Management equivalent

Training for Mid-level Employees

This training is designed for employees turning 30 years old to organize their own careers (past and present) and think about their next career design (future). The purpose of the program is to broaden thinking and work by interacting with members from various departments and job categories, while also deepening your understanding of leadership and followership.

New Business Leader Program

This training program is designed to cultivate globally-minded executive candidates at an early stage. The curriculum is similar to that of a business school and is designed to foster a systematic understanding of business administration. In addition, through group work with members of other business units, participants will develop a wide range of insight and strengthen their ability to strategically implement their ideas. Beginning in fiscal 2021, the Women’s Leader Training Program was integrated with this program.

Global Business Trainee Course

We develop participants who enroll in this course as candidates to become global human resources. The course is open to department nominees who have the potential for long-term business trips or assignments outside of Japan, and who are capable of handling business outside of Japan, as well as self-nominees who wish to be stationed outside of Japan in their future career development. After enrolling in this course, participants will attend training in language and global business, and those who complete the course will receive assistance to improve their language proficiency.

Global Leadership Training

As part of our efforts to strengthen the development of global human resources, which has become a challenge in line with the globalization of our business, we conduct global leadership training for local subsidiary executives and executive candidates who are expected to take on the future management positions in the Group. The purpose of the program is to understand the Group’s management philosophy and policies, to understand the roles and responsibilities of leaders, and to create group synergy through personnel exchange, mutual learning, and mutual understanding. This program was cancelled in fiscal 2021 due to the pandemic, but is scheduled to be held again in fiscal 2022.

Goal management system and evaluation

Three times a year, at the beginning, middle, and end of the fiscal year, each employee engages in dialogue with his or her supervisor regarding the goals set at the beginning of the fiscal year, and the supervisor evaluates the employee based on that dialogue. In the middle dialogue, the progress of goals is checked and future career development is discussed.

Management human resource development

The Company is developing systems and frameworks to build a Group-wide human resource management infrastructure. We plan to identify key executive positions in our Group and develop a system to manage and systematically train candidates to take over these key executive positions.

Handing down techniques and skills

To maintain and improve the skills and techniques required for production, we have established a technical skills certification system for welding and assembly techniques, and we administer testing twice annually. As of March 31, 2022, there were 493 qualified staff members.

Number of qualified staff members (As of March 31, 2022)

  Basic level Intermediate level Advanced level
Welding 229 people 25 people 9 people
Assembly 203 people 5 people 22 people

Support for qualifications

The Company regulations stipulate the qualifications to be acquired, and incentives are provided to those who acquire such qualifications. In addition, as a system to support the autonomous learning of employees, the Learning Support System using e-learning was launched in fiscal 2021. Under this system, the Company subsidizes the cost of attending various programs on language and business.


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