ESG Data

This section gives major ESG (environment, society, governance) data for corporate activities of the Daifuku Group.

E: Environment

Environment related
Type Item Scope Unit FY2017
CO2 CO2 Reduction Contribution Global t-CO2 53,327
CO2 emissions Japan t-CO2 15,154
CO2 emissions Non-Japan t-CO2 25,332
CO2 emissions from transportation Japan t-CO2 3,356
Scope 1 Global t-CO2 2,353
Scope 2 Global t-CO2 12,801
Scope 3 Global t-CO2 2,171,626
Energy Amount of energy used (production) Japan GJ 234,677
Amount of energy used (non-production) Japan GJ 56,710
Electricity Japan 1,000 kWh 25,290
LPG Japan t (ton) 660
City gas Japan 1,000 m3 25
Bunker fuel oil Japan kl 66
Gasoline Japan kl 15
Diesel fuel Japan kl 35
Water resources Water Consumption Japan m3 123,588
Water Consumption Non-Japan m3 90,113
Amount of drainage Japan m3 123,588
Water quality Measurement results for water pollutants COD (average) Japan mg/L 1.0
Measurement results for water pollutants BOD (average) Japan mg/L 1.4
Total phosphorus (average) Japan mg/L 0.1
Total nitrogen (average) Japan mg/L 1.9
Waste Waste generated Japan t (ton) 5,156
Recycling Rate Japan 98.8%
Amount disposed of in landfills Japan t (ton) 64
Atmosphere Dust emissions (average) Japan g/m3N 0.008
SOx emissions (average) Japan m3N/h 0.097
NOx emissions (average) Japan PPM 855
Substances applicable to PRTR Emission and transfer Japan kg 28,576
Other Soil and groundwater pollution status reported within plant grounds Japan No. 0
No. of environment related legal violations Japan No. 0
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S: Society

Environment related
Type Item Scope Unit FY2017
Employment Number of employees Daifuku Japan People 2,632
Number of employees Daifuku Group People 9,193
Average age Daifuku Japan Age 42.0
Average years of service Daifuku Japan Years 16.3
New graduates Japan People 80
Mid-Career Recruitment Japan People 92
Ratio of female recruitment Japan 8%
Number of female employees Japan People 291
Number of female employees in managerial positions Japan People 11
Employment percentage of persons with disabilities Japan 1.9%
Re-employment rate of retirees Japan 83.9%
Training Employee training costs Japan Millions of yen 62.5
Human resources education/training time (overall/per person) Japan Hours 23.75
No. of employees participating in compliance training
*Position-specific training
Japan People 302
No. of employees who received safety training (safety training facility) Japan People 768
Labour Paid leave utilization rate Japan 55.9%
Surveys of Employee Awareness (implemented every other year from 2017) Japan Points -
Maternity leave utilization Japan People 14
Child-care leave utilization rate (females) Japan 100
Child-care leave utilization rate (males) Japan 1.0
Child-care short-time workday system utilization (females) Japan People 33
Child-care short-time workday system utilization (males) Japan People 1
Return to work rates after 6 months of maternity/childcare leave Japan 100
Family care leave/personal leave utilization Japan People 1
Safety Frequency rate Japan - 0.61
Severity rate Japan - 0.03
No. of occupational deaths Japan People 0
Communities No. of visitors to the Hini Arata Kan demo center Japan People 22,741
Amount spent for promoting social contribution activities (including donations) Japan Millions of yen 51
Compliance Internal reporting system Global Yes/No Yes
Other R&D costs Global Millions of yen 8,123
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G: Governance

Environment related
Item Item Unit FY2017
Makeup of Board of Directors No. of directors People 10
No. of external directors People 2
No. of female directors People 0
No. of Board of Director meetings (ordinary, extraordinary) Times 18
Makeup of Board of Auditors No. of auditors People 5
No. of external auditors People 3
No. of Audit and Supervisory Board meetings Times 6
Remuneration Director remuneration Millions of yen 641
Auditor remuneration Millions of yen 109
Voluntary committees Advisory committee for nominations and remuneration Yes/No Yes
Other Investor relation meetings No. 273
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