Daifuku’s Value Creation

Under our company creed, Hini Arata, which states that “Today we are doing better than we were yesterday. Tomorrow we will be growing ahead of where we are today,” we aim to become a Value Innovator that enhances the competitive advantage of customers. We will continue to contribute to the advancement of society and strive to improve corporate value.

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Our Competitive Edge

Daifuku has built a comprehensive support structure for customers that includes consulting, design, production, installation and maintenance. We will establish these strengths at a global level toward achieving further success amid fierce market competition.

Our Competitive Edge(PDF : 1.73MB)

Mega Trends in Sustainability

In addition to the past and future initiatives of Daifuku’s sustainable management, which emphasizes ESG, we will introduce three key themes as megatrends surrounding our company.

Mega Trends in Sustainability(PDF : 1.76MB)

The Environment and Society

We will continue to introduce Daifuku’s initiatives that contribute to the environment, strengthen our supplier platform, and realize a sustainable society in terms of diversity and job satisfaction.

The Environment and Society(PDF : 605KB)