Vision and Four-Year Business Plan

Driving Innovative Impact 2030

The Daifuku Group has formulated our long-term vision for 2030 encompassing our strong desire to achieve even greater economic and social value by strengthening our initiatives with new future-oriented ideas and trailblazing groundbreaking change for our stakeholders. Then, we set the four-year business plan (from April 1, 2024 to December 31, 2027) as a midpoint of our overall goals for 2030.

2030 vision and management targets for 2027

Priority framework

To realize economic and social value, we have established priority framework with the following domains, taking into consideration the challenges from the Value Transformation 2023 plan, the business environment, and social sustainability.

In our four-year business plan for 2027, we will accelerate growth by adding 80 billion yen of strategic investment to the investment amount of the previous business plan. In addition, we will flexibly make management decisions to achieve growth even when the amount of strategic investment exceeds 80 billion yen.

Shareholder return policy

We adopt a performance-based policy for dividends from surplus based on consolidated net income. Based on the policy, we will appropriate the remaining surplus to invest in future growth. The consolidated dividend payout ratio target in our four-year business plan for 2027 is 35% or more for each fiscal year.


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