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Daifuku Report

One of the World’s Top Material Handling Suppliers

Daifuku is an exceptional material handling systems manufacturer,
with a unique existence, having more than 80 years of know-how and expertise.

Osaka Headquarters

Company Creed & Management Philosophy

Company creed

Hini Arata

Today we are doing better
than we were yesterday.
Tomorrow we will be growing
ahead of where we are today.

Management philosophy

Automation that Inspires

Inspire society, deliver prosperity and enhance well-being through our core competence – automated material handling technology.

We will

  • strive to realize a sustainable society that minimizes burdens on people and the environment, respects human rights and encourages responsible manufacturing.
  • work together with customers around the world to create optimal smart logistics solutions that incorporate innovative technologies.
  • ensure a fair and open corporate culture that respects diversity and allows each individual to excel. Further, we will strengthen our fundamental management practices globally to have a high level of transparency.

Our Business

Our Solutions

Our Strength

Strong presence in the material handling industry

Daifuku has provided the best solutions to customers in various fields around the world. We have been the world’s No. 1 in sales within the material handling industry for the ninth straight year. Going forward, we will continue to work with our human resources and sites globally to meet growing demand.

Top 10 Material Handling Systems Suppliers

More than 65% of sales in non-Japan markets

Daifuku strives to develop an optimal global production and procurement framework, operating affiliates in 24 countries and regions. It has 67 consolidated subsidiaries. (As of March 31, 2024)

Non-Japan Sales, Japan Sales, Non-Japan Sales Ratio

Leading the evolution of material handling

Since 1937, Daifuku has focused on material handling – the movement of finished goods and work in progress. Our world-class systems lead the industry by combining conveying, storage, sorting, picking and controls. Our products serve customers in a range of industries and countries.

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One-stop support structure

Our strength lies in our in-house development of hardware and software, and our comprehensive support system for customers that includes consulting, design, production, installation, and maintenance. Daifuku boasts a wealth of manufacturing and system integration experience, quickly responding to needs that include designing systems with complex requirements and making on-site adjustments when problems occur. We will establish these strengths at a global level toward achieving further success amid fierce market competition.

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One-stop support structure One-stop support structure

Building long-term relationships with customers through aftermarket services

Our service includes maintenance and regular inspection of products we have delivered. We provide an extensive servicing menu, which leads to stable earnings.

Service Sales

After-sales service
  • Periodic inspection
  • System maintenance contracts
  • Safety training
  • Facility services
  • Troubleshooting
  • Supply of parts/components
  • Remote maintenance
  • Prediction/Forecast system
  • On-site services
  • Upgrades, retrofits

Human resources for future growth

Along with an expansion in our global network, consolidated employee numbers increased. We invigorate our organization by employing diversified human resources.

Cultivate Human Resources

Daifuku’s Growth Strategy

Daifuku Co., Ltd. has formulated our long-term vision for 2030 showing our strong desire to “achieve the economic and social values we aim for by strengthening our initiatives based on new ideas with an eye on the future and creating innovative impact on our stakeholders.” We have set the four-year business plan goals as a midpoint of our overall goals for 2030.

2030 vision and management targets for 2027

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2030 vision and management targets

Shareholder return policy

Based on the policy, we will appropriate the remaining surplus to invest in future growth. The consolidated dividend payout ratio under our four-year business plan for 2027 is targeted at 35% or more for each fiscal year.

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Shareholder return policy
Vision and Four-Year Business Plan


Consolidated sales and operating income

Notes: FY2024 forecast reflects results for 9 months in Japan and 12 months outside of Japan.

Daifuku’s Value Creation

Under our company creed Hini Arata, we promote Value Transformation that helps enhance the competitiveness of our customers and, in tandem with contributing to the development of society, take up the challenge to enhance our corporate value.

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Daifuku’s Value Creation
Latest Daifuku Report

Sustainability Action


Daifuku Report

Daifuku Report

View our corporate reports describing our value creation, growth strategies, sustainability initiatives and more.



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