Sustainability Action Plan

Formulation of the Sustainability Action Plan

The Daifuku Group formulated the Sustainability Action Plan (2021-2023) after reviewing the material issues (materiality) of our 2014 CSR Action Plan. We plan to disclose the results for fiscal 2023, the final year of the Sustainability Action Plan, at the end of August 2024.
From fiscal 2024, the Sustainability Action Plan will be integrated into the four-year business plan, and the status of initiatives to address material issues (materiality) will be managed within the framework of the Four-Year Business Plan 2027.

Sustainability Action Plan (PDF: 763KB)

Sustainability vision

Achievements for FY2022

To view our fiscal 2022 achievements for the Sustainability Action plan, see the PDF table and descriptions on the page below.

FY2021-FY2022 Achievements of the Sustainability Action Plan (PDF: 333KB)


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