Daifuku Report

We hope that this report will help you gain a deeper understanding of the Group's initiatives.

Daifuku Report 2022

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Daifuku Report 2022
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Path of Value Creation / Contents / CEO Message / Our Business / Our Material Handling Solutions / Key Performance Indicators

Path of Value Creation [At a Glance] (168 KB)
Value Creation Story (1.2 MB)

Daifuku Value Creation Process / Daifuku’s Value Chain / Materiality / Sustainability Action Plan

Value Creation Strategy (896 KB)

Financial Strategy / Strategies by Business / Global Reach / Strategies for the North America Market / Strategies for the China Market / Message from the Chief Officer of Shiga Works

Foundation for Value Creation (899 KB)

Message from the Sustainability Officer / Sustainability Management / Disclosure of Climate Change Information / SASB Standards Index / Corporate Governance / Roundtable Discussion with the Outside Directors

Data Section (194 KB)

Eleven-Year Financial Summary / Financial Section / ESG Data / Company Profile and Stock Information / Message from the Editorial Desk

Securities Report