• Environmental Management

    Environmental Management

    Daifuku contributes to customers, society, and the conservation of the global environment through its business activities.

  • Environmentally Friendly Products

    Eco-Friendly Products

    Daifuku develops and provides eco-friendly products and services widely to society.

  • Energy Conservation

    Energy Conservation

    Daifuku strives to reduce CO2 emissions from its business activities in an effort to prevent global warming.

  • Resource Saving

    Resource Saving

    With the aim of improving the recycle rate of refuse, Daifuku implements thorough separation measures to reduce landfill disposal.

  • Pollutant Reduction and Green Procurement

    Pollutant Reduction

    Daifuku strives strives to manage and reduce pollutants, such as hazardous materials and chemical substances used in its production activities, in the water, air, and other elements.

  • Biodiversity Preservation

    Biodiversity Preservation

    An ecosystem survey was conducted at Shiga Works, and efforts based on our medium to long-term conservation plan are now underway to create a production base that coexists with nature.

  • Environmental Management Systems

    Eco-Management Structure

    Daifuku conducts volunteer activities and environmental learning activities under the Eco-Action system that aims to enhance ecology awareness.

  • Environmental Data

    Environmental Data

    Daifuku discloses various environmental data, including energy consumption, CO2 emission, amount of refuse emission.

  • Third Party Inspection

    We receive inspections from third parties to improve the trustworthiness of our environmental information.