LinkedInUnit Load Automated Storage & Retrieval System (Unit Load AS/RS)

Unitload Automated Storage & Retrieval System (Unitload AS/RS)

High-density pallet storage, high-speed operation, and versatility make Daifuku’s unit load AS/RS the best-selling automated storage and retrieval system in the world. With its flexible design up to 40 m, the Daifuku unit load automated warehouse is customizable to fit your specific installation environment and operating conditions.


1. Fast & Dependable

Daifuku offers a variety of AS/RS stacker cranes to fit your specific load profile and weight, building dimensions, and operating environment. All our AS/RSs feature high-quality drives for fast, smooth, and reliable performance.

2. Advanced Control System

Daifuku’s local intelligent network control system offers a comprehensive solution: from front-end controls to full-scale inventory management computer systems. Our software provides full control of stacker cranes and their peripheral load-handling systems. The software monitors the system in real time to assist with trouble and control auxiliary equipment such as quantity indicator displays for order picking.

3. Improved Operational Efficiency

The high-speed stacker crane automatically stores and retrieves loads quickly and efficiently. Not only does this dramatically reduce cycle time, but it also reduces the number of forklifts and forklift traffic. Daifuku's stacker cranes reduce energy costs by using low electricity and regenerating power.

Load Handling

From industrial standard pallets to odd-shaped loads, Daifuku offers a variety of handling solutions.

  • Closed pallets
    A pallet with closed bottom surface such as the JIS T11 pallet (1,100 x 1,100) and U.K. pallet (1,000 x 1,200).

  • Euro pallets
    A skid pallet widely used in Europe and Asian countries. The standard sizes is 800 x1,200 and 1,000 x 1,200.

  • Box pallet
    A four-legged box pallet often used for storing machine parts. (May not be applicable depending on the shape of the foot.)

  • Roll-shaped loads
    Roll-shaped products such as paper rolls, film sheets, textile rolls, and carpets can be handled.

  • Long objects
    High density storage of long pipes, bars, and plates up to 6.2 m long. (Case Study)

  • In-progress car bodies
    Painted car body buffer at an automotive plant. (Case Study)

Special Environments

A variety of models are available to match the installation environment and characteristics of the stored items. We have an extensive track record of delivering automated warehouses to a variety of special environments, including freezing specifications that are in high demand in the food industry, high temperature specifications of 40~55℃ required in the aging process of chemical products, and oil-resistant specifications that are essential around machine tools.

  • Fresh and frozen environments
    A cold resistant stacker crane is suitable for frozen food handling at -5~-30℃ environments.

  • クリーン対応

    Cleanroom environments
    Cleanroom application is available to meet ISO Class 6~7 requirements from food, pharmaceutical and precision equipment manufacturers. (Click here for products for higher clean environments, such as semiconductors and LCDs.)

  • FMS

    Oily and dusty environments (FMS)
    A specially designed high-accurate stacker crane provides 24-hour automatic supply/collection of jigs to/from machining centers. The system incorporates a number of specifications to ensure that AS/RSs operates accurately and stably, even in oily and dusty environments.


  • single deep AS/RS, single deep pallet racking

    Single-deep AS/RS
    Standard configuration of AS/RS. One stacker crane with access to two rack rows (one on each side).

  • double deep AS/RS, double deep pallet racking

    Double-deep AS/RS
    One stacker crane with access four rack rows (two on each side). Great for high-density storage of low/medium throughput.

  • Dual crane AS/RS
    Two stacker cranes operate simultaneously in the same aisle to maximize throughput capacity and resiliency.

  • seismic tremor control

    Earthquake countermeasures
    Additional stopper, special racking and other countermeasures can be applied to minimize earthquake damage. Learn more.


  • shuttle cart, powered cart

    Shuttle Cart
    Electrically powered cart transports pallets to a loading/unloading point for the stacker crane.

  • end-of-aisle conveyor

    End-of-aisle conveyors
    Conveyors automatically transport pallets to and from load/unload stations. Can also transfer pallets to/from STVs.

  • Rack side conveyor
    Placing the in/out conveyor beside the AS/RS makes it smoother to supply loads to press machines or processing machines.

  • rail-guided vehicle, RGV, sorting transfer vehicle

    Sorting Transfer Vehicle (STV)
    The STV, a rail-guided vehicle system, connects AS/RS aisles to in/out conveyors.

  • pick-to-light for rack side

    Rack-side Pick-to-Light
    The sides of the AS/RS rack are used as picking windows. A sliding shutter is installed at each picking window to ensure operator safety by preventing stacker crane access while the shutter is open. Lean more.

Model Systems

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