Our integrated systems can fully automate your warehouse or distribution center.

Daifuku North America understands the complexities of supply chain management today. We offer the widest range of products and engineering solutions to transform your warehouse or distribution center. Our automated systems are designed for the way you do business. No matter what your industry or where you are in the world, we have a solution that will increase efficiency, lower costs and keep your company moving forward.

Our Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (ASRS), Automatic Guided Vehicles and Carts (AGVs/AGCs), conveyors, and sorting/picking systems work together or independently to optimize production, reduce cycle time, and improve delivery accuracy.

Daifuku North America's products are used in nearly every industry, including apparel, beauty & cosmetics, books & publications, e-commerce, electronics, food & beverage, health care, libraries, retail stores, and third-party logistics.

Solutions for Distribution

Automated Storage/Retrieval System (AS/RS)

Daifuku’s automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) provide versatile material handling solutions for a range of industries. Our AS/RS line includes unit load for pallet-size loads and the high-speed mini load for totes & small items. Parallel with this lineup we have a range specifications and products to match the needed usage and performance, such as the Shuttle Rack, an AS/RS which consists of transfer carts on each rack level and a vertical lifter for storing, picking and shipment sorting.

Automatic Guided Vehicles/Carts

Daifuku North America's most popular product is SmartCart Automatic Guided Cart. Manufactured in the U.S., SmartCarts are affordable, flexible and durable. They are guided by magnetic tape, which means the path can be changed quickly and easily. SmartCarts are at the center of hundreds of warehouses and manufacturing plants where they are being used to move anything from small parts to palletized loads up to 6,000 pounds.


We have a reputation for supplying the most durable and reliable conveyors in the material handling industry. We work with customers to design innovative conveyor systems that meet their unique needs. Whether it's moving musical instruments to an area for packaging or transporting furniture through a finishing system, our conveyors can help increase productivity and improve your bottom line.

Software & Controls

To run your distribution or fulfillment facility at peak efficiency you need the most effective and productive informational tools. Every facet of your operation is a source of valuable information that, if harnessed, can optimize and measure productivity and provide valuable statistical data in real time.

Sorting & Picking Systems

Whether deployed in a manual or fully-automated operation, Daifuku North America's sorting and picking systems enable electronic communication to workers or equipment regarding the location and amount of inventory to be distributed or stored. Daifuku has provided fast, efficient and accurate sorting and picking systems to numerous distribution centers for convenience stores, supermarkets, and pharmaceutical wholesalers.

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Contact Us

For product inquiries, please reach out to us via our Contact Us page.

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