SASB Standards Index

Sustainability Disclosure Topics & Metrics

Accounting Metric Category Code Response
Energy Management
  • Total energy consumed
  • Percentage grid electricity
  • Percentage renewable
Quantitative RT-IG-130a.1 Although we do not employ the measurement methods recommended by SASB, we disclose relevant data on the following page.
ESG Data (Environmental)
Employee Health & Safety
  • Total recordable incident rate (TRIR)
  • Fatality rate
  • Near miss frequency rate (NMFR)
Quantitative RT-IG-320a.1 Although we do not employ the measurement methods recommended by SASB, we disclose relevant data on the following page.
ESG Data (Social)
Fuel Economy & Emissions in Use-phase
Sales-weighted fleet fuel efficiency for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles Quantitative RT-IG-410a.1 The Daifuku Group does not sell any products that meet these accounting metrics.
Sales-weighted fuel efficiency for non-road equipment Quantitative RT-IG-410a.2
Sales-weighted fuel efficiency for stationary generators Quantitative RT-IG-410a.3
Sales-weighted emissions of (1) nitrogen oxides (NOx) and (2) particulate matter (PM) for: (a) marine diesel engines, (b) locomotive diesel engines, (c) on-road medium- and heavy-duty engines and (d) other non-road diesel engines Quantitative RT-IG-410a.4
Materials Procurement
Description of the management of risks associated with the use of critical materials Discussion and Analysis RT-IG-440a.1 Although the Group does not use scarce resources such as critical minerals as primary materials, we are working to identify potential procurement risks in the supply chain and strengthen our counter measures in order to ensure the stable procurement of essential parts and materials.
Risk Management
Remanufacturing Design & Services
Revenue from remanufactured products and remanufacturing services Quantitative RT-IG-440b.1 Although we do not disclose this metric, we disclose the service revenue from maintenance and the servicing of delivered systems and products.
FY2022 service sales: 158.8 billion yen

Activity Metrics

Activity Metric Category Code Response
Number of units produced by product category Quantitative RT-IG-000.A We do not disclose this metric due to our wide range of products and their characteristics.
Number of employees Quantitative RT-IG-000.B The relevant data is disclosed on the page below.
ESG Data (Social)


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