Product Videos

Daifuku North America Lubripin Chain Conveyor Pin

Checked Baggage Reconciliation Area (CBRA) Room Hand Search

Daifuku North America – The Leader in Supply Chain Automation

Explosive Detection System (EDS) Machine Conveyors

Dual Load

Heavy Duty Automatic Guided Vehicle

Jet Surfing Sorter Diverts Trays

Material Sorting System (MSS)

Power & Free Conveyors

SmartLoader AGV Shown Unloading Trailers

SmartLoader Trailer Loading Vehicle

Sorting Transfer Vehicle (STV)

STVs Transporting and Transferring Loads

Unibilt Enclosed Track Power & Free Conveyor

Unit Load AS/RS Acts As A Temporary Buffer

Unit Load At Beverage Distribution Center

Warehouse Roller Conveyor

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Corporate Videos

Marci Champlin, Production Planner, Daifuku America Corporation

Aleem Ali, Project Manager, Daifuku America Corporation

Chris Ball, Systems Analyst, Jervis B. Webb Company

Working at Daifuku North America - Julianna Wokurka, Wynright Industrial Engineer

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Case Study Videos

Daifuku North America - The Leader in Supply Chain Automation

AS/RS at Cox Target Media Valpak Facility

AS/RS at Dell Computers

AS/RS at Delphi - ARD Logistics

Bulk Material Handling System at San Miguel Power Plant

SmartCart Automatic Guided Cart at GM CAMI Plant

SmartCart Automatic Guided Carts at Macy's

SmartLoader Automatic Guided Vehicle at Anheuser-Busch

Kinki Coca-Cola Bottling

Netto Supermarkets

Yili Inner Mongolia Industrial Group

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Educational Videos

Automated Print Production for 21st Century

SmartCart Automatic Guided Cart Demonstration

Automated Warehouse Supports Excellent Customer Service

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