The supply and install of an automated baggage handling system


Officially opening its doors in May 2014, KLIA2 was designed in response to the rapid growth of the low-cost travel industry, and is scaled to accommodate 45 million passengers per year.

The new KLIA2 terminal cost approximately MYR 4 billion and is the largest LCC terminal in the region. Covering a total of 242,000 square meters, the terminal boasts 68 aircraft parking bays and a 300m pedestrian skybridge, under which aircraft can pass.

  • 32,000 bags per hour
  • 45M passengers per year
  • $50M USD contract value


  • 128 check-ins
  • Over 10km in aggregate length for over 1200 conveyors
  • Over 2km in aggregate length for 21 carousels
  • 2 high speed tilt tray sorters
  • 250 barcode readers
  • EBS infrastructure for early bags
  • 14 inline screening X-ray machines on the conventional baggage system plus 5 for the out of gauge lines
  • Daifuku Sym3 3D operations SCADA with live bag tracking
  • CCTV system for the complete baggage system
  • Complete overhead support structure for the system to allow the baggage handlers complete and open access in the bag room


The updated system has the capacity to process 32,000 bags per hour, or 30–45 million passengers per year. The bag journey on the system is low, allowing for 100% bag screening for security purposes.