Daifuku Accelerates Product Development to Further Strengthen Global Competitiveness

The Company begins operation of its second high-rise testing facility

Osaka, Japan—Daifuku Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) announces that it has started operational testing of its newest high-speed, high-rise automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) stacker cranes in its new high-rise testing facility at its core production base, Shiga Works.

In 2006, the Company’s Intralogistics business completed construction of its first high-rise testing facility at Shiga Works, where it has engaged in the development and testing of stacker cranes up to 30 meters in height. A second high-rise facility has been newly constructed to provide the necessary overhead space for testing of the Company’s new 40-meter-class stacker cranes.

New high-rise testing facility (Shiga Works)
New high-rise testing facility (Shiga Works)

Generally, the required capacity of an AS/RS in the Japanese market is around a few thousand pallets, with the largest facilities installing systems of around 20 to 30 thousand pallets. However, in markets such as North America, Europe, and Asia, AS/RS can frequently reach capacities of over 100 thousand pallets, showing the growing needs in global markets.

Utilizing its new high-rise testing facility, the Company will accelerate the development and testing of its latest stacker cranes in order to further strengthen competitiveness in global markets. The Company aims to begin sales of the new cranes in 2024.
During development, the Company will also work to reduce environmental impact of the cranes by reducing power consumption through weight reduction, standby power optimization, and the use of high-efficiency components.

Comment from Hiroshi Nobuta, Director, Managing Officer, and Intralogistics Global Business Head of Daifuku Co., Ltd.:
To strengthen our global competitiveness, we are working diligently to develop products that meet the needs of each region and industry. Utilizing our vast experience in material handling technology, we will continue to produce systems that meet the diverse needs of our customers around the world.

New high-rise testing facility outline

Location 1225 Nakazaiji, Hino-cho Gamo-gun, Shiga, Japan (Shiga Works)
Area Approx. 1,300 m2 (Approx. 83 m by 15.5 m)
Height Approx. 52 m
Investment amount Approx. 1.4 billion yen
Start of operation November, 2023

About Daifuku Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1937, Daifuku Co., Ltd. is the world’s leading provider of material handling systems to the manufacturing and distribution, cleanroom, automotive, and airport industry markets. Daifuku has established a total support system ranging from consulting to after-sales services. The company is headquartered in Osaka, Japan, with production and sales bases in 25 countries and regions.


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