News Release

11 Apr, 2011

Announcing the Daifuku Group Environmental Vision 2020

Daifuku is pleased to announce that it has prepared the Daifuku Group Environmental Vision 2020, which sets out a future vision for the Group. We formulated this vision to fulfil our environmental responsibility for the next generation as a member of the global society.

We have long been aware of the importance of environmental considerations in our business activities, obtaining ISO 14001 certification in 1999. We have also been aware of our corporate social responsibility and have sought to reduce the environmental impact under our own environmental management system, which emphasizes compliance. In April 2010, we set up the Environmental Enhancement Management Committee under the direct control of the CEO, further strengthening our environmentally friendly management.

The Daifuku Group Environmental Vision 2020, which was developed with the Committee playing the key role, sets goals to achieve by the fiscal year ending March 2021 with a focus on the following three points:

  1. Promote environmentally friendly activities in business operations
  2. Increase the number of environmentally friendly products and services
  3. Enhance the foundations for environmental management

For details, please see the separate PDF document "Daifuku Group Environmental Vision 2020," which can be accessed via the link below.

We will continue to be environmentally aware in every business activity and contribute to our customers, society, and the conservation of the global environment while consistently developing and providing material handling systems with low environmental impact.

Daifuku Group Environmental Vision 2020 PDF (288 KB)