15 Mar, 2011

Statement Regarding the 2011 Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami

(The Earthquake off the Pacific Coast of Tōhoku Region)

On Friday, March 11, 2011 Japan Standard Time, Northeastern Japan suffered a massive earthquake and ensuing ‘tsunami.’ We have been overwhelmed with words of encouragement and offers of help from both the business community and society at large. This information is being provided to inform Daifuku stakeholders, including customers and business partners, of the effects of the disaster as it relates to Daifuku.

Fortunately, there have been no reports of fatalities or serious injury among Daifuku personnel or their immediate families. Daifuku’s Osaka headquarters, Tokyo Head Office, and a few outlying offices in the affected region were severely shaken, but no damage was sustained.

Daifuku’s manufacturing facilities are located a significant distance from where the earthquake occurred, and were not directly affected by it or the tsunami. In addition, most of Daifuku’s suppliers are located in areas that were free from damage, so our in-bound supply chain for manufacturing is fundamentally intact, and manufacturing is continuing without interruption. There are no planned blackouts for any areas where Daifuku has manufacturing facilities. For our outbound supply chain, neither air nor seaports used for shipping have been damaged.

Daifuku’s crisis management system was put into place immediately following the earthquake. Daifuku’s service and installation teams have been mobilized and are working to restore functionality to customer systems that were damaged in a manner that is as efficient and safe as possible. This is a tremendous task, however we will continue working with our customers in these recovery efforts for the days and weeks ahead.

The Daifuku Group appreciates all the concern shown towards us and would like to assure you that we are well. Our thoughts and prayers are with the many victims of this disaster.