Installs a Photovoltaic System at Hini Arata Kan Expo Center

Installed photovoltaic panels on the roof of Hini Arata Kan. The system is expected to reduce carbon dioxide by approximately 110 tons a year.

New Three-Year Business Plan, Material Handling and Beyond

Launched a new three-year business plan on April 1, aiming to achieve consolidated net sales of 220 billion yen and consolidated operating income of 11 billion yen in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2013. Daifuku envisions that these figures will lead to consolidated net sales of 250 billion yen and an operating income margin equal to 10% of net sales for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2015, or five years hence.

Chinese Affiliates Revamped into Daifuku (China) Co., Ltd.

Revamped six affiliates in China and launched a new operating structure centered on the new subsidiary Daifuku (China) Co., Ltd. aiming to enhance sales, manufacturing, and service systems in 15 regions and expand business opportunities in China.

In September 2010, opening ceremony of Daifuku China

In September 2010, opening ceremony of Daifuku China

Launches Environmental Enhancement Management Committee

The committee formulates and promotes environmental standards by setting Group wide guidelines related to energy reduction, conserving natural resources, eliminating harmful substances and providing environmentally friendly products in compliance with environmental regulations and laws.

Inaugurates First-Hand Experience Safety Training Facilities

Opened the Anzen-Taikan Dojo facility at Osaka Headquarters where trainees learn the importance of safety by simulating the occupational hazards of installation. Daifuku aims to enhance safety awareness and eradicate workplace accidents.

Visitors to Hini Arata Kan Exceed 300,000

First opened on June 1, 1994, Hini Arata Kan welcomed the 300,000th visitor on July 16, 2010.

Delivers a Fresh Produce Sorting System

Delivered the Fresh Produce Sorting System, handling 260 tons (about 2.5 million pieces) daily of citrus unshu, as Japan's largest such facility.

Finger domino sorter

Finger domino sorter

Receives a Green Factory Award

Shiga Works received an award for our outstanding greening performance from Japan Greenery Research and Development Center.

Capital and Business Tie-Up with Knapp AG, Austria

Formed a business partnership with Austria-based Knapp AG, which operates an extensive material handling business mainly in Europe. The deal included acquiring part of Knapp's issued shares.

Knapp's picking system

Knapp's picking system


Acquires Competitor's Car Wash Business

Acquired manufacturing, sales and service business for car wash machines from YASUI Corporation.

U.S. Holding Company Established

Formed Daifuku Webb Holding Company to oversee Daifuku America Corporation and Jervis B. Webb Company.

Two Subsidiaries Merge under One Name

Established Daifuku Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd., merging two Japanese affiliates-Daifuku Manufacturing Expert Co., Ltd. and Daifuku Machinery Works Co., Ltd.

Takeover of Leading Baggage Handling Systems Specialist Logan Teleflex

Logan Teleflex (UK) Ltd, along with Logan Teleflex (France) S.A. and U.S.-based Logan Teleflex, Inc., became wholly owned subsidiaries within the Daifuku Group.

Formulates Daifuku Environmental Vision 2020

Prepared the Daifuku Environmental Vision 2020, which established a future vision for the Group in fulfilling our environmental responsibility for the next generation as a member of the global society.

Develops a New Digital Picking System, eye-navi

Developed a high-throughout system for distribution centers in response to rising needs in home delivery. A wireless indicator on each collection box combines information of the box and picked items, which helps users minimize picking errors. Delivered the system to Narita Set Center of Miyagi Co-op. Won Japan's material handling grand prize in 2014 and jointly won Japan's automatic recognition excellence award in 2014.

Eye-navi for Miyagi Co-op

Eye-navi for Miyagi Co-op

Develops Fast and Gentle Baggage Handling System

Began selling a fast and gentle "baggage tray system," which is one of the world's fastest at 600 meters per minute to airports in October.

Baggage tray system: vertical sortation unit

Baggage tray system: vertical sortation unit


Acquires Disaster-Prevention Ratings

Became the first material handling systems manufacturer to be rated under a disaster preparedness program by the Development Bank of Japan (DBJ), qualifying the Company for a loan from DBJ. Our business continuity planning and other initiatives were highly regarded.

Enhancing Cleanroom Material Handling System Business

Acquired Hitachi Plant Technologies' cleanroom material handling system service business.

Revamping Affiliates in Japan

Absorbed affiliates Daifuku Logistic Technology and Daifuku Design & Engineering. Daifuku Software Development transferred into the Contec Group to become Contec Software Development Co., Ltd. Renace Laboratory became Daifuku's 100% affiliate for household equipment business, changing its name to Daifuku Renace Co., Ltd.

Knapp Becomes an Equity-Method Affiliate

Acquired 30% of Austria-based Knapp AG to enhance sales, centered on piece-picking systems, in the European and South American markets.

Acquires Car Wash Machine Manufacturer Hallim

Hallim Machinery Co., Ltd. became a wholly-owned subsidiary. Hallim is the top car wash equipment manufacturer in South Korea and has more than a 40% market share.

Exhibits at LOGIS-TECH TOKYO 2012

Exhibits the Baggage Tray System for airports. The system uses trays for each individual baggage and boasts the world's fastest conveyor speeds of 600 meters per minute.

About 20,000 visitors came to our booth

About 20,000 visitors came to our booth

Receives Environmentally Responsibility Ratings

Becomes the first material handling systems manufacturer to be rated under a environmentally responsibility program from Development Bank of Japan. Our environmental activities were highly regarded as advanced.

New Affiliate Established in China

Daifuku (Suzhou) Cleanroom Automation Co., Ltd. was established to provide sales, manufacturing and installation of systems for clean and semi-clean systems in Suzhou, China.

U.S.-Based Elite Line Services Joins Daifuku Group

Daifuku Webb Holding Company acquires Elite Line Services, LLC, a provider of operations and maintenance support for baggage handling systems.

Daifuku Eco-Products Certification Program Established

Implemented an in-house program to rate and certify the energy and environmental design of our own products. Seven products were certified, including Daifuku's mini load AS/RS, the cleanroom storage system Clean Stocker, the automobile paint system E-DIP, and the drive-through car wash machine GRANADA.

Develops FALS (Flexible Assembly Leveling System)

FALS is a full pallet conveyor system that allows for adjustments of the car platform (chassis) to desired heights so workers can ergonomically perform their tasks, thus greatly reducing physical stress and fatigue.



Releases a New Product, audit, to Support Dispensaries

Developed the audit, using know-how and technologies we accumulated in the logistics system business. It checks for disparities between picked items and prescriptions identifying medicines by image and inspection the number of medicines by weight. It avoids human error and provides patients and pharmacists with safety and security.



Develops a New Mini Load AS/RS, Shuttle Rack

The system operates with a shuttling vehicle with a transfer function on each rack level to store and retrieve containers and carton boxes at high speeds. By using lightweight vehicles for transporting loads, the system consumes 60% less power per cycle compared to conventional stacker cranes.

Shuttle rack for Japan Agricultural Cooperative

Shuttle rack for Japan Agricultural Cooperative

Develops an Automated System for Freezer Lockers at -35℃

Developed an automated system for freezer lockers that can operate at -35℃ and applied it to develop the world's first warehouse for fast freezing fish products. The system won a special award for the 2013 Automatic ID System Grand Prix.

Unit load AS/RS for cold storage

Unit load AS/RS for cold storage

Delivers a Nitrogen Purge System

The system uses nitrogen gas to prevent deterioration of semiconductor wafers. It is also available to install in the existing stockers. We have been delivering a number


New Affiliate Established in Mexico

Daifuku de México, S.A. de C.V. provides sales, installation, and after-sales service for automotive production lines.

Daifuku Korea's New Main Office Completed

The new office building in Incheon also houses an R&D center. Focus placed on improving personnel development and technical skills.

Daifuku Korea's new main office and R&D Center

Daifuku Korea's new main office and R&D Center

Launches New Four-Year Business Plan Value Innovation 2017

A new corporate management plan launched with aims to achieve sales of 280 billion yen and an operating income ratio of 7% by March 2017. We also aim to evolve from a manufacturer of material handling systems to a Value Innovator.

Establishes a New Brand Message Always an Edge Ahead

A new brand message, Always an Edge Ahead, was established concurrently with the new four-year business plan.

DAIFUKU logo with brand message

DAIFUKU logo with brand message

Develops RFID Tray Return System

Daifuku Singapore launched the RFID Tray Return System to help Food Courts automate the returning of Food Trays and Utensils, so that tight-manpower issues can be resolved. The system encourages people to return used food-trays on their own accord by offering an incentive on every returned tray.

U.S.-Based Wynright Joins Daifuku Group

Daifuku Webb Holding Company acquires Wynright Corporation, a provide of sorting systems, robotics, voice- and light-directed order fulfillment technology and other material handling systems.

The Robotic Truck Unloader

The Robotic Truck Unloader

Begins Operations of Daifuku Shiga Mega Solar

The largest photoelectric power generation system in Shiga Prefecture, Japan, the facility has a generating capacity of 4,438 kW and a yearly output of 4,300 MWh

Daifuku Shiga Mega Solar

Daifuku Shiga Mega Solar

Launches the Motor Roller Conveyor

This conveyor operates by placing rollers that contain highly efficient brushless motors in regular intervals and activating motors at the necessary locations when needed.


Obtains ISO Certification for Newly Developed Area Management System

The Area Management System was developed to enhance safety of high-speed vehicle systems. The system received the world's first issuance of the ISO 13482 international safety standard.

Changes Share Trading Unit from 500 to 100

Changed share trading unit from 500 shares to 100 shares, with the aim of developing a shareholder-friendly investment environment and increasing the number of investors.

Joins United Nations Global Compact

Hini Arata Kan Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Develops a High-Throughput Mini Load AS/RS, Smart Stocker Quattro

The system has two carriage on one stacker crane that can move independently of each other. It is a double-deep system, storing two shelves deep, and is able to transfer four loads at once. It also uses a horizontal travel drive to realize highly-adjustable speed and attain higher storage capacity.

Smart Stocker Quattro at Logis-Tech 2014

Smart Stocker Quattro at Logis-Tech 2014

BCS Group, an Airport Baggage Handling System Provider, Joins the Daifuku Group

Acquired 80% of outstanding shares of New Zealand's BCS Group Limited to expand our business in Southeast Asia and Oceania. BCS has significant strength in IT-based marketing and software technologies. The company has developed baggage self-service check-in system and other products.

Self-service check-in system, BAGgate

Self-service check-in system, BAGgate

Develops a Temporary Storage/Sortation System, SPDR (Spider)

SPDR was developed to temporarily store and sort cases, reflecting needs for parts logistics at automobile factories and auto parts manufacturers. Unlike an automated storage, the system has no racks and enables high efficient storage by locating cases in minimal space and through case stacked retrieval.

SPDR (spider)

SPDR (spider)


Daifuku Webb Holding Company Changes its Name to Daifuku North America Holding Company


Exhibits at ProMat

Daifuku North America and Wynright ran a booth at the biggest US material handling trade show, ProMat 2015. Showcasing the North American synergy, the booth displayed Wynright's truck unloading robot and eco-friendly conveyor, and Webb's AGV.


Depalletizing demo

Ranks as World's No.1 in Material Handling Sales

Daifuku was ranked No.1 for sales in 2014 in the material handling industry, according to U.S.-based magazine Modern Materials Handling's 'Top 20 System Supplier 2015' report.

Pair-in Capital Increases 15 Billion Yen

The conversion of convertible bonds issued in 2013, to stocks, has been completed. The financial outlook is greatly improving as our paid-in capital increased from 8 billion yen to 15 billion yen.


Commences Sales of the D-PAD, the World's First Wireless Charging System for Forklifts

Wireless charging for electric transmission forklifts by a transmission cart is now possible. With the charging time gap between plug and wireless now gone, plugs are no longer necessary, bringing improvements in usability and connectivity.

D-PAD wireless charging

D-PAD wireless charging system

Myanmar’s Receives its First AS/RS

Myanmar received its first AS/RS. Daifuku provided the systemーa unit load AS/RS with four stacker cranes and a storage capacity of 4,224 palletsーto the government-affiliated Snake Anti-venom Production Center for product storage.

Pharmaceutical warehouse

Production Center exterior

Obtains the Highest Ranked ‘Health Management Rating’ from the DBJ

Daifuku received the top rank the Development Bank of Japan Inc.'s (DBJ) "Employees' Health Management Rated Loan Program." Funding is provided by the DBJ based on the ratings. Efforts put into caring for our employees' health were highly lauded.

Expands Production Capacity in China

Daifuku (China) Manufacturing Co., Ltd. relocated its factory, facilitating a 2.5-fold increase to production capacity.

New head office and factory in Songjiang, Shanghai

New head office and factory in Songjiang, Shanghai

Opens Airport Technologies Demo Center

Unveiled a demo center at the Shiga Works to showcase airport system lineup.

Baggage handling system

Baggage handling system


Car Wash Machine Manufacturer in Korea Relocates Main Office and Factory

Korean car wash machine manufacturer, Hallim Machinery, relocated its main office and factory to meet increased domestic demand.

U.S. Holding Headquarters Relocated

Daifuku North America Holding Company moved its headquarters to Novi, Michigan.

U.S. holding company’s new headquarters building

U.S. holding company’s new headquarters building

The Shiga Works Receives a Factory Greening Award

The Shiga Works was recognized with a FY2017 Factory Greening Award from Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Paid-in Capital Increases to 31.8 Billion Yen

As a result of the public offering, paid-in capital increased from 15.0 billion yen to 31.8 billion yen.


Concludes Strategic Global Partnership with Fast Retailing

Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. and Daifuku Co., Ltd. concluded an agreement to form a strategic partnership aimed at establishing comprehensive logistics services over the medium to long term.

Press conference held in Tokyo

Press conference held in Tokyo

Receives Environment Minister’s Award for Global Warming Prevention Activities

Daifuku Co., Ltd. received Japan’s FY2018 Environment Minister’s Award for Global Warming Prevention Activities.

Daifuku Korea renovates the Namdong Plant

Daifuku Korea Co., Ltd. renewed its Namdong Plant, facilitating a 1.5-fold increase in production capacity.


Develops a New Model of the Wireless Charging System, D-PAD, for AGVs

Vega Conveyors and Automation Joins the Daifuku Group

Acquired 100% of the shares of India-based Vega Conveyors and Automation Private Limited, which provides the design, manufacture, installation and after-sales service of conveyor systems.

Vega Conveyors and Automation

Daifuku (China) Manufacturing Completes its No. 3 Factory

Two Companies Involved in Airport Software Join the Daifuku Group

Daifuku acquires 80% of the shares of Scarabee Aviation Group B.V., a provider of airport security screening equipment; and 100% of the shares of Intersystems (Asia Pacific) Pty. Ltd., a provider of information management systems for airports.

Completes a New Factory in the Shiga Works, Factory N

Establishes an Affiliated Company in Vietnam

Established Daifuku Intralogistics Vietnam Co., Ltd., which sells, installs and provides after-sales service of manufacturing and distribution systems.

Wynright Commences Operations at the Daifuku Intralogistics North America Works in Indiana, U.S.

Located in Hobart, Indiana, the new facility consolidated two manufacturing facilities into one, which enables a doubling of production capacity.

Daifuku Intralogistics North America Works

Completes the New Office Building at the Osaka Headquarters

Daifuku Thailand Completes a new Factory in the Pinthong Grounds