Daifuku Revises its Management Philosophy

Set as ‘Automation that Inspires’ to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society

Osaka, Japan – Daifuku Co., Ltd. today announced that it has revised its management philosophy.

Set as “Automation that Inspires,” in addition to the "Value Transformation" set forth in Daifuku’s current three-year business plan, the new management philosophy incorporates environmental and human rights considerations, and promotes sustainability management to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

In line with this development, Daifuku has also revised it corporate policies structure and brand architecture, which has brought notable changes, including the elimination of the brand proposition "Value Innovator" and change of Daifuku’s brand message from "Always an Edge Ahead" to "Automation that Inspires.”

Of the revision, Daifuku President and CEO Hiroshi Geshiro commented, "In order for the Daifuku Group to continue its sustainable growth, we must quickly respond to changes in the business environment and the demands of the times. In line with our mission and purpose as an organization, the new management philosophy clarifies the connection between the Daifuku Group and society and highlights what we must do in our business activities. Going forward, each and every Daifuku Group member will work to transform the value we provide under the new management philosophy, aiming to achieve sustainable growth for the Daifuku Group and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society."

Management philosophy

Automation that Inspires

Inspire society, deliver prosperity and enhance well-being through our core competence―automated material handling technology.

We will

  • strive to realize a sustainable society that minimizes burdens on people and the environment, respects human rights, and encourages responsible manufacturing.
  • work together with customers around the world to create optimal smart logistics solutions that incorporate innovative technologies.
  • ensure a fair and open corporate culture that respects diversity and allows each individual to excel. Further, we will strengthen our fundamental management practices globally to have a high level of transparency.

Daifuku logo and new brand message



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