Launches Distribution Centers Nationwide

Opened distribution centers in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Nagoya, Shiga and Osaka, to conduct delivery operations.

Establishes ESKAY Corporation, an Affiliated Company for Sale of Logistics Systems in America (Consolidated to Daifuku America Corporation in 2004)

Opens the administration office and the Factory D buildings at Shiga Works, and opens the administration office and Cleanroom FA buildings at Komaki Works

Cleanroom FA building assembly room at Komaki Works

Cleanroom FA building assembly room at Komaki Works


Introduces the Roller Type "Conveying Flow System"

Released a new conveyor system, which allowed faster installation and simple layout changes.

Develops the world's first automated replenishment system

Delivered the world's first automated replenishment system for picking shelves to Shiseido's Kyushu Distribution Center.

Integrates Two Electronic Related Subsidiaries

Integrated Contec Co., Ltd. with Paltec Co., Ltd. to form Contec Co., Ltd.

Established Daifuku (Thailand) Ltd. in Bangkok, Thailand


Delivers Japan's Largest Cold Storage Facility

Delivered Japan's largest frozen/refrigerated AS/RS to Aisen's Daikoku Pier Warehouse in Yokohama, Japan.

Enters Distribution Automation with Introduction of the Ski Sorter

Exhibited the automated sorting system Ski Sorter for small goods and the fully automated mobile rack system Magic Aisle at LOGIS-TECH TOKYO tradeshow in Chiba, Japan.

The Ski Sorter exhibited at LOGIS-TECH TOKYO

The Ski Sorter exhibited at LOGIS-TECH TOKYO


Publishes the "FA & DA Handbook"

Published the FA & DA Handbook, a 460-page guide to material handling providing insight from 55 leading Daifuku technicians.

Develops First Electrified Monorail System with Non-Contact Power Supply

Developed the Ramrun-HID, the world's first electrified monorail system with non-contact power supply. Delivered the Ramrun-HID to Kanto Auto Works' Iwate Plant. Because the products does not generate dust, it is later used to develop transport systems for cleanrooms.

The World's first non-contact power supply monorail system Ramrun-HID

The World's first non-contact power supply monorail system Ramrun-HID

Releases the tunnel-type car wash machine Magic Thru


Non-Japan Sales Exceed Japanese Sales of Automobile Production Line Conveying Systems

Sales ratio reached 45% in Japan and 55% outside Japan.

Developed the Energy-Efficient Automatic Guided Magic Vehicle (now the FAV)

Inaugurates Hini Arata Kan Logistics Demo Center

Opened Hini Arata Kan, one of the world's largest full-scale logistics demo centers, at Shiga Works.

Established Daifuku (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia


Daifuku Thailand Inaugurates Its Chonburi Plant

Establishes P.T. Daifuku Indonesia in Jakarta

Obtains ISO 9001 Certification

Contec became one of the first PC equipment manufacturers to obtain the ISO 9001 certification, a standard of international quality management. Electronics, Automotive and other divisions also obtain certification.


Establishes Daifuku Magic Technology Corporation for the Sale of Car Wash Equipment


Daifuku Koei Changes Company Name to Daifuku Technology Service Corporation

Daifuku Koei, with 54 service offices across Japan, changed its company name and established Daifuku's 24-hour technical support.

Production of S/R Machines Reaches 15,000 Sets in Total

Production of the S/R machines reached 15,000 sets. (Reached 20,000 sets in July 2005).

Invests in the Renace Laboratory to Expand Reach into Household Equipment

Developed new methods of storing under floorboards.

Underfloor storage by the Renace method

Underfloor storage by the Renace method

Dissolves Technical Partnership with Jervis B. Webb International Company of America

Ended 40 year technical partnership with Jervis B. Webb.


Implements Three-Year Business Plan, Putting Priority on Profitability

Established a corporate management plan entitled Daifuku in the Early 21st Century.

Develops Nine New Models of Gate-Type Car Wash

Began sales of 9 new models of wider and taller gate-type car wash machines for larger automobiles.

Expanded Business to Bio Factory Automation

Expanded business by designing factory automation for the Tokamachi Mushroom Cultivation Center and the Yokkamachi Mushroom Farm.

Doubles the Scale of Daifuku America's Ohio Plant to Create an Integrated System in the U.S.


Relocates the Osaka Plant to Shiga Works

Moved the Osaka Plant functions to Shiga Works, ending 60 years of manufacturing in Mitejima.

Komaki Works obtained ISO 14001 certification, the International Environmental Management Standard. Shiga Works followed later in the year

Delivers Quake-Absorbing AS/RS to Tokyo General Logistics Center of Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd.