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Evolving into a Value Innovator

Providing Supply Chain Value to the World

Always an Edge Ahead

Providing Supply Chain Value to the World

Solutions for a Competitive Edge

Always an Edge Ahead

Solutions for a Competitive Edge

  • Corporate Profile

    Corporate Profile

    Since its founding in 1937, Daifuku has provided optimal material handling systems to customers throughout the world.


    Product information

    Learn more about Daifuku's innovative material handling systems and products, including AS/RSs, AGVs, picking, and sorting solutions.

  • Hini Arata Kan

    Hini Arata Kan

    Our experienced staff will guide you through an array of our latest material handling innovations found in our demo center, Hini Arata Kan.

  • ATec site

    Airport Technologies

    Discover how Daifuku Airport Technologies can support your business and passengers.

  • Daifuku's Businesses


    As a responsible member of society, Daifuku strives to provide value to the environment and stakeholders through its businesses and other activities.

  • Cleanroom Promotion Site

    Promotion website to introduce Daifuku’s Storage/Conveyor Systems for Cleanrooms, mainly with videos.
  • Latest case study

    Video case study of F-LINEs distribution center in Fukuoka, Japan, which operates as a joint distribution hub for six client companies involved in the food industry.