Acquiring an Industrial Site in Hino-cho, Shiga Pref., Land Development Begins

Planned construction of a 1.2 million sq.m industrial park.

Attended the Japan World Exposition (Expo '70)

Showcased the Prontow and Palletainer at the Japan World Exposition.


Delivers the World's Largest Scale Rackbuil System to Toyota Motor

Installed the world's largest scale Rackbuil for Toyota Motor in Kasuga.


Develops a Unit Load AS/RS

Delivered the first small and midsize unit load AS/RSs to Fujimura Iron Works.

Produced the Roll Box Pallet

The first delivered Unit Load AS/RS

The first delivered Unit Load AS/RS


Delivers Japan's First Refrigerated AS/RS to Hosen Cold Storage

Installed the first refrigerated AS/RS, which operated at -40 degrees Celsius.

Develops a Mini Load AS/RS

Developed the mini load AS/RS, called the Bucketbuil System, and delivered it to Matsushita Seiko Co., Ltd.


Delivers Japan's Highest Rackbuil System

Installed a 30 meter high Rackbuil System in Wakayama Plant for Kao Corporation.

Receives an Order for the Rackbuil for Petroleum Refining Plant from Algerian Government-Owned Company Sonatrach


Completes Construction of Hino Plant, Factory C

Completed construction of Shiga's first factory (Factory C) and a dormitory in Hino Plant (now Shiga Works). The factory manufactured steel embedded resin pallets.

Established subsidiaries Daifuku Koei Co., Ltd., Contec Co., Ltd. and Paltec Co., Ltd. in Japan

Receives an Order from Iran for a cold Storage System


Develops an Automated Sorter, Sold to Heiwado's Distribution Center

Delivered Japan's first steel belt-type automated sorter - the Sorting Master to Heiwado's Distribution Center in Shiga.

The sorter installed in Heiwado's DC

The sorter installed in Heiwado's DC


Launch of the Car Wash Machine Business


Delivers Japan's First Book Conveying System TELELIFT to Chuo University Library

Japan's first automated book conveying system

Japan's first automated book conveying system

Delivers the First Hanger Rail System

Installed the first Hanger Rail System, which measured 2,200 meters long, in newly-built distribution center of Renown Incorporated (Osaka, Japan).

Delivered a copying machine production line system to Konishiroku Shashin Kogyo (now Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc.) in Tokyo


Production of Car Wash Machines Exceeds 1,000

Released new car wash machines including the Waxmor series and set annual production to 1,000 units, giving Daifuku a 20% market share.