About Hini Arata Kan

The full-scale material handling and logistics demo center Hini Arata Kan features the range of advanced technology that Daifuku, a leading material handling company, has developed over 80 years of operation.
Hini Arata Kan visitors will benefit from experiencing Daifuku’s latest, in-house developed and manufactured, cutting-edge systems, along with products capable of integrating with Daifuku systems from over 30 other logistics vendors. Tours are available in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean.
In addition, the facility is wheelchair accessible, part of our effort towards the realization of a universal design.

Hini Arata

The name of Hini Arata Kan comes from Daifuku‘s corporate motto, “Hini Arata,” and was given by an in-house application.

Building area 6,049 sq. m (65,110 sq. ft)
Building height 25.1m (82 ft)
Floor space 19,482 sq. m (209,702 sq. ft)
Parking space Parking available for busses (up to 3) and cars (up to 27)
Operation hours 9:00~16:30 (Tour hours* / 9:50~15:15)
*Reservations required
Closed Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays
Facility Event Hall (Up to 100 people)
Meeting Room (Up to 14, 8, 6 people)
Restaurant (Reservations required)
International Conference Hall (Up to 37 people)

History of Hini Arata Kan

June 1, 1994 Hini Arata Kan Opens
Exhibiting automotive production line systems, storage and transport systems, and picking and sorting systems
1999 Visitors exceed 100,000
Opens additional Comprehensive Logistics Exhibition Hall
2005 Visitors exceed 200,000
2006 Adds exhibits for electronic devices produced by Contec
2007 Adds exhibits for cleanroom and auto-wash systems
2008 Opens the Global Corner
2010 Installs a photovoltaic system to reduce 110 tons of CO2 annually
Visitors to Hini Arata Kan exceed 300,000

Visitors exceed 300,000

2014 Implements a carbon offset program toward achieving net zero CO2 emissions
2015 Introduces a shuttle bus using recycled fuel
2016 Visitors exceed 400,000
Sets a new Guinness World Record—longest chain of origami sculptures—

Sets a new Guinness World Record—longest chain of origami sculptures—to commemorate Daifuku's 80th anniversary

Opens the 3D movie corner—VR LAB
2018 Adds exhibits for airport systems
2022 Visitors exceed 500,000
June 1, 2022
Reopening on June 1st

Completes full-scale renewal
Newly displaying 54 of the latest material handling systems and equipment
Adds new videos introducing case studies and the systems operating on-site

Environmental Effort

Photovoltaic System

Photovoltaic System

Daifuku installed solar panels on the roof of Hini Arata Kan. The system generated approximately 270,000 kWh of power, which reduced CO2 emissions by 110 tons.

Carbon Offset

Carbon Offset

Since 2014, Hini Arata Kan has offset 100% of the yearly CO2 emissions generated from electricy and LPG use at the center and shuttle busses (including the use of biodiesel fuel).

EV Station

EV Station

Hini Arata Kan installed two charging stands for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles*. The stands utilize fast chargers with a rated output of 50kW. Visitors can charge their vehicles during the tour.

  • *CHAdeMO standard only


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