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1. Logistics managers can find solutions to logistical challenges

Hini Arata Kan displays a full range of material handling systems and equipment developed through Daifuku's expertise. Visitors can select specific models and experience handling the systems and equipment.

2. Companies or departments can visit for training

Visits can lead to understanding of cost reductions and efficiency in logistics.

3. Associations and other organizations can hold trainings

The demo center is ideal to broaden the knowledge of executives and staff by better understanding the material handling systems and equipment that operate behind the scenes.


The following are answers for frequently asked questions.

About tours

Do we need to reserve a tour in advance? Yes. Reservations are required in advance.
Please check the reservation status on the calendar and apply via the tour reservation form.
Can we also visit the facility outside of the specified tour schedules? Yes. Tour schedules can be adjusted upon your request.
In such instances, please contact us before making a reservation.
How can we alter the reservation information? A URL will be sent to you by e-mail when your reservation is completed. Reservations can be changed or cancelled online up to 4 business days in advance.
If within 3 business days of your reservation, please contact us by phone or e-mail.
Is there a minimum number of people required to enable a visit? No. Tours are available for one or more people.
Is there the maximum number of people who can visit the exhibition center? We accept reservations of up to 45 persons for the same course.
*If your group has a large number of people, please contact us in advance as we may not be able to accommodate your request depending on the number of reservations.
Can we look around in the exhibition areas freely? No. Every group is guided by our staff, but there are a few locations during the tour where you can move around freely.
Are tours available in foreign languages? Yes. In general, English, Chinese, and Korean tours are also available.
*However, there may be cases where we cannot provide the above, please visit with an interpreter.
Can students visit the exhibition center? Please contact us via the inquiry form.
We do not accept students on school excursions.
Can we also visit your factories? No. Hini Arata Kan is a showroom only for completed products.
A factory tour is not offered.
Is the facility wheelchair accessible? Yes. All floors are wheelchair accessible.

About the facility

Is parking available? Yes. There is a parking area directly in front of the entrance that is available for use. If your group is arriving in multiple vehicles, please let us know in advance. We also have an additional space for large buses. There are no parking fees.
Can we take the provided shuttle bus without reservations? No. The shuttle bus service also needs to be booked. This service only operates when there are reservations.
Please apply via the tour reservation form.
Can you serve lunch? Yes. We have a restaurant.
Please tell us the required number of lunches via the tour reservation form at least four business days before your visit.
Can we host a conference at Hini Arata Kan? Yes. We have conference rooms with audio visual equipment. Please contact us to make a reservation.
Can we store our luggage? Yes. Free lockers are available.
Is there a smoking area in the facility? Yes. A smoking room is available.
Do you have an accessible restroom? Yes. Accessible restrooms are available.
Can we use Wi-Fi? Yes. We have Wi-Fi available areas. Please feel free to ask us for the ID and password.
Can we use a credit card? Yes. VISA, Master, and UnionPay cards are accepted.


Can we take pictures in the facility? No. Photography is not permitted in the exhibition area.
We have a photo spot in the lobby on the 1st floor.
Are there any group discounts? No. There are no group discounts.
Is there a disability discount? Yes. For those with a disability certificate, both they and one accompanying person can visit free of charge. Please let us know when you book.
Can we pay the fee before visiting? No. We do not accept payment in advance. Please pay in cash or with a card on the day. Alternatively, bank transfers are also possible.
Can you call a taxi? Yes. When you come to Hini Arata Kan, please speak with our receptionist.
Can you send us any brochures? No. Brochures are provided to visitors only. If you cannot find necessary information on the website, please contact us via the inquiry form.
Do you offer any on-site accommodation? No. However, we can introduce you to hotels in the local area.


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