Hini Arata Kan features the range of advanced technology that Daifuku, a leading material handling company, has developed 80 years of operation.
Hini Arata Kan visitors will benefit from experiencing approximately 400 Daifuku products and 150 related items capable of integrating with Daifuku systems provided by 40 other logistics vendors. Our experienced staff will guide you around the 3-story facility to demonstrate the equipment. Tours are available in Japanese, English and Chinese.
In addition, tours are conducted using ear-pieces and the facility is wheelchair accessible, part of our effort towards the realization of a universal design.

About Hini Arata Kan
Building area 6,049 sq. m (65,110 sq. ft)
Building height 25.1m (82 ft)
Floor space 19,482 sq. m (209,702 sq. ft)
Operation hours 9:00 AM-5:00 PM (Reservations required)
Closed Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays
Facility Event Hall (Up to 150 people)
Meeting Room (Up to 14, 8, 6 people)
Restaurant (Reservations required)
International Conference Hall (Up to 38 people)