New Video: Jupiter Shop Channel

Check out our latest case study video to see how a comprehensive automated material handling system can bring big benefits!

Jupiter Shop Channel Co., Ltd., Japan’s leading TV shopping company, worked with us to automate their Minami-Funabashi Distribution Center. Engaged in multiple sales channels, including TV shopping, mail-order, and online, Jupiter Shop Channel handles diverse logistical requirements. However, with products changing daily, it’s TV shopping in particular faced unique logistical challenges. The company turned to Daifuku for an answer.

Powered by state-of-the-art automated material handling systems, including the Shuttle Rack D3 (ultra-high-density unit load AS/RS) and a goods-to-person picking system among other components, Jupiter Shop Channel has achieved significant laborsaving and greater work efficiency.

Watch the case study video on Daifuku’s official YouTube channel, “D-Tube!”

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