Daifuku Oceania achieves global recognition of safety and quality with ISO certification

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Auckland, New Zealand — Daifuku Oceania Limited has this week announced it has been awarded the highest international standard in Quality, ISO 9001 certification, focusing on continuous improvement, consistently high quality, and strong customer focus.

This welcomed recognition complements Daifuku Oceania’s ISO 45001 certification, replacing the OHSAS18001, emphasising a more holistic approach to workplace health and safety across organisations. Both certifications are applied across Daifuku Oceania’s portfolio, spanning a workforce of over five-hundred employees.

The certification process had occurred during one of the most operationally challenging years due to the impacts of COVID-19, signalling both the commitment and robust nature of Daifuku Oceania’s systems, processes, and approach to quality and safety.

Since accepting the role of Daifuku Oceania CEO in February 2020, Brad Jackson’s priority has been to ensure the consistently high quality and value to Daifuku Oceania’s customers.

“I am delighted of what we have been able to achieve this year, despite the obstacles presented. Both of the certifications we’ve received further cements our focus and commitment to quality and safety,” said Brad Jackson.

“This recognition both encompasses and embeds all facets of project implementation across every functional department within Daifuku Oceania, whereby providing a platform to facilitate larger projects.”

“Both certifications act as our guiding principle, one we are extremely proud of and continue to actively deliver to our partners,” Brad confirmed.

For media enquiries, please contact Kirsty Tull, kirsty.tull@daifukuoc.com or call +61 4 66 646 906.

About Daifuku Oceania Limited

Daifuku Oceania Limited, an affiliate of Daifuku Co., Ltd., provides diverse material handling services, solutions, technology, equipment and operational support within the airport, logistics and manufacturing industries. Daifuku Oceania is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, with offices throughout Australia, Malaysia, Norway and Canada.
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