Daifuku BCS becomes integral part of global parent brand

  • Oceania

Auckland, New Zealand — BCS Group Limited (also known as Daifuku BCS), provider of airport technologies, baggage handling, logistics solutions, and software, announced today it would be officially operating as Daifuku Oceania Limited.

Five years after global material handling solutions provider Daifuku Co., Ltd. acquired BCS Group Limited, the New Zealand-born company is making its next shift to integrate with the Japanese industry leader.

“It is a new stage of integrating with our parent and further aligning our business with Daifuku means our valued customers can harness the capabilities of the unified Group, with a combined experience of over one hundred years,” said Brad Jackson, CEO, Daifuku Oceania Limited.

As leaders in airport technologies and advanced intralogistics solutions, over the last twenty-seven years in operations, Daifuku BCS has worked with leading airports, manufacturers and logistical providers across the globe.

“Our future vision remains consistent, as a company known to look beyond the obvious, we will continue to deliver world-class solutions attuned to the ever-changing environment and demands of the industries we work within,” Brad confirms.

“Daifuku BCS has grown significantly in the last six years with a sizable shift in our market position, with growth across our Self Service Technologies, proprietary software and automation portfolios. As a company, we eagerly embrace the global presence and heritage that our parent company brings, in addition to the long-term vision, we, as a business have created and continue to pursue.”

As the number one material handling system supplier in the world, the Daifuku Group is supported by a global workforce of over 10,000 people throughout Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania.

For media enquiries, please contact Kirsty Tull, kirsty.tull@daifukubcs.com or call +61 4 66 646 906.

About Daifuku Oceania Limited

Daifuku Oceania Limited, an affiliate of Daifuku Co., Ltd., provides diverse material handling services, solutions, technology, equipment and operational support within the airport, logistics and manufacturing industries. Daifuku Oceania is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, with offices throughout Australia, Malaysia, Norway and Canada.

About Daifuku Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1937, Daifuku Co., Ltd. is the world's leading provider of material handling systems to the factory and distribution, cleanroom, automotive, airport, and general industry markets, and has established a total support system ranging from consulting to after-sales services. Daifuku is headquartered in Osaka, Japan, with production and sales bases in 26 countries and regions.