Daifuku Europe GmbH

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The Germany-based business of Daifuku Europe, the company provides sales, engineering, installation and after-sales services for material handling systems used in manufacturing and distribution in Europe. To better reach customers the company also has offices located in the U.K., Denmark, and Sweden.

Established 2017
Representative Thomas Balluff, Managing Director
Luerriper Strasse 52, D-41065 Moenchengladbach, GERMANY
Phone +49-2161-49-695-0
FAX +49-2161-49-695-20
Office locations
UK Branch
Unit 5, Dunfermline Court, Kingston, Milton Keynes, MK10 0BY UNITED KINGDOM
Denmark Branch
c/o Azets Insight III ApS, Lyskær 3C, st. 2730 Herlev, DENMARK
Sweden Branch
Grustagsgatan 1B, SE 254 64 Helsingborg, SWEDEN


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