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Open Positions

Founded in 1937, Daifuku Co., Ltd. is the world’s leading provider of material handling systems to the manufacturing and distribution, cleanroom, automotive, and airport industry markets. We are committed to being the industry leader.
Daifuku’s group companies in the U.S. include Daifuku America Corporation, Daifuku Cleanroom Automation America Corporation, Elite Line Services, Jervis B. Webb Company, and Wynright Corporation. We provide a total support team for our customers, ranging from consulting to after-sales services. Some of our careers are in the fields of sales, project management, maintenance technicians, manufacturing, and engineering.

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The following abbreviations represent our group companies:

  • AFA – Daifuku America Corporation
  • CRUS – Daifuku Cleanroom Automation America Corporation
  • ELS – Elite Line Services
  • JBW – Jervis B. Webb Company
  • WYN – Wynright Corporation


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