Selected for the first time for the highest rating in the CDP Supplier Engagement Rating

Osaka, Japan – Daifuku Co., Ltd. has been selected for the first time for the highest rating on the Supplier Engagement Leaderboard in the Supplier Engagement Rating*1 by CDP*2.

This is in recognition of our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, including those from our supply chain, in line with our aim to contribute to the environment through our business, which is one of the themes of our Sustainability Action Plan, a set of specific initiatives to be implemented as a guideline for sustainability management. We are in the top 8% of the companies in this rating. (Approximately 500 companies globally and 105 Japanese companies were selected.)

Daifuku will contribute to the attainment of a sustainable society by achieving its long-term environmental goals—Daifuku Environmental Vision 2050—and will continue to strengthen its relationship of trust with customers, shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders, aiming for further sustainable growth and increased corporate value.

  • *1This evaluates companies’ efforts to address climate change throughout their supply chain, using four key areas (governance, targets, scope 3 emissions, and supplier engagement) as well as their score on the CDP Climate Change Questionnaire.
  • *2Carbon Disclosure Project, an international not-for-profit organization working on environmental issues such as climate change, water and forest resources.

For the list of selected companies, please click here.


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