Formulation of the Daifuku Environmental Vision 2050

Daifuku Co., Ltd. has formulated the Daifuku Environmental Vision 2050 (the "Vision"), a new environmental vision looking toward 2050 for the realization of a sustainable society.

The Vision is a long-term environmental goal that follows on from Daifuku’s initial vision (Daifuku Environmental Vision 2020) adopted in April 2011. The Daifuku Environmental Vision 2020, which set fiscal 2020 as its final year, focused on three themes: 1) promote environmentally friendly activities in business operations, 2) expand environmentally friendly products and services, and 3) enhance the foundations for environmental management.

In the new Vision, the Company has set a goal to create material handling systems with zero environmental impact by 2050, and toward that goal has established targets for issue areas until 2030: 1) climate change and energy and 2) resource recycling. During its implementation period from 2021 to 2030, the Vision shall be driven by the Sustainability Committee with the president as chair.

As a global provider of material handling systems, Daifuku will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through its achievement of the Vision and will work toward continued, sustainable growth and the enhancement of its corporate value by continuing to solidify the trust-based relationships it maintains with its customers, shareholders, investors and other stakeholders.

Daifuku Environmental Vison 2050(PDF : 391 KB)


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