Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2017

September 12, 2017

Daifuku Co., Ltd has made available its corporate social responsibility (CSR) Report 2017. In commemoration of Daifuku’s 80th anniversary, this CSR Report 2017 looks back at the Daifuku Group’s history. Since its founding 80 years ago, Daifuku has been involved in a variety of activities to contribute to society, to care for the global environment, and to create rewarding workplaces through its business. This report reveals the words of past company leaders and describes some of the accomplishments of our predecessors.

We will continue to proactively communicate with our stakeholders as we undertake our business activities and contribute to society.

[Main Content]
・Message from the President
・The 80-Year History of Daifuku
・An 80-Year Chronicle (Products / Environment / Human Resources)
・A Company That Supports Society and the Future

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Corporate Social Responsibility Report


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