Daifuku sets a new Guinness World Record on its 80th year anniversary

Setting a new record with falcon shaped origami

Osaka, Japan- On Saturday, May 20, celebrating its 80th year anniversary, Daifuku Co., Ltd. gathered Group employees and their families, for a total of 235 people, at Hini Arata Kan, the exhibition center in the Shiga Works, to attempt the Guinness World Record for the “Longest chain of origami sculptures.” Beating the previous record of 2,855 sculptures, a new world record was set with a chain of 5,510 sculptures.

The event, one of the plans for celebrating the 80-year anniversary, was aimed at promoting and highlighting activities that foster a sense of unity within the Group, and in the creation of a workplace that lives in harmony with nature. With the support of Nippon Origami Association Co., Ltd. and its Shiga Prefecture branch, the peregrine falcon, an endangered species that resides within the Shiga Works, was set as the shape for the origami sculptures.

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Overview of the Guinness World Record
Category: Longest chain of origami sculptures
Participants: 235 people (Daifuku Group employees and their families)
Record: 5,510 sculptures (total length 528 meters)

As a part of its CSR, Daifuku will continue to promote various environmental conservation activities, and will further awareness both inside and outside the company.

Chains of peregrine falcon shaped origami
Chains of peregrine falcon shaped origami
Mai McMillan, Records Manager at Guinness World Records (right) presenting the certificate to Executive Vice President, Mikio Inohara (left)


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