Daifuku Welcomes in its 80th Anniversary

Daifuku aims to evolve into a top-class Value Innovator

Daifuku Co., Ltd. welcomed in its 80th anniversary on May 20, 2017. Since being founded in 1937, Daifuku has become a leading global handling systems manufacturer and integrator, which focuses on streamlining logistics in the manufacturing, distribution and service sectors, based on ongoing material handling technologies.

Seizing on the anniversary milestone, Daifuku started its corporate management plan, Value Innovation 2020, for the four-year period from April 1, 2017, to March 31, 2021. With awareness of the importance of social responsibility, we will provide the best solutions to customers, continuing sustainable healthy growth.

The Daifuku Group aims to evolve into a top-class Value Innovator that provides the best solutions for customers to help them gain a competitive edge, capitalizing on the expertise and technologies it has accumulated through global business expansion efforts.

Masaki Hojo
President and CEO


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