Strengthen governance


Initiative Target
FY2021 FY2022 FY2023
Improve effectiveness of the Board of Directors Carry out efforts to improve effectiveness
Enhance conscientiousness of employees Implement measures to propagate Group Code of Conduct globally
Carry out sound internal audits Carry out internal audits in Japanese departments and overseas affiliates (total 300 cases/3 years) and maintain compliance with internal evaluations

Sustainability Action Plan(PDF : 291KB)

Promotion Framework

Daifuku, in accordance with its Management Philosophy of providing the best solutions to benefit the global markets and the development of society; and, focusing on healthy, growth-driven global management under a diverse and positive corporate culture, is committed to improving its corporate governance to strengthen its governance structure.

As one of these initiatives, Daifuku has elected four outside directors and established the Advisory Committee to advise the Board of Directors concerning important matters on nominations and remunerations of members of management team. One of the outside directors serves as the chair of the Committee.

Corporate Governance


Evaluation of the Board of Directors’ effectiveness

Regarding the evaluation of the Board of Directors’ effectiveness, Daifuku has a basic policy of striving to improve its effectiveness by continuously implementing the PDCA cycle. In February 2020, the Company conducted its fifth questionnaire of all directors and Audit & Supervisory Board members concerning the Board of Directors’ effectiveness. Using an external organization for evaluation, in the same manner as the previous fiscal year, the Company ensured anonymity and collected more impartial opinions by answering directly to the organization. The results were analyzed from the perspective of a comparison with other companies. Compared to last time, the total average was unchanged, with comments from the external organization including “Awareness gaps within the Board of Directors became smaller,” and “We found further increases in awareness of various issues and corporate governance.”

UK tax strategy

Through material handling, the Daifuku Group aims for further growth by balancing business activities and social soundness. In addition to contributing to the development of the country and the region by implementing a fair tax payment, we disclose our tax strategy in the UK on the "Tax Strategy" page of our UK site.

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