Partner with Diversified Experts in Automated Material Handling Solutions (F&S White Paper)

Automation is fast becoming a key component to achieve business success. From changing labor markets and shift toward omnichannel retail, in particular online shopping, automated material handling is experiencing significant growth and leading to a very diverse industry in terms of offerings and key players.

With so many big names in the industry, selecting the right material handling partner can be challenging. It's easy to focus exclusively on price, but choosing the right partner should be based on more than just cost alone. Looking at a company in terms of its competency, experience, reach, and technical knowhow are all factors that should ideally be weighed when selecting an automation provider.

Consulting firm Frost and Sullivan delve into the automated material handling industry in a recent white paper and review its current state and look at Daifuku and other industry key players. To read in depth, click the PDF link below.


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