Message from CEO

Shuichi Honda

Since the establishment of its first affiliate in the U.S. in 1983, Daifuku has continued to expand its business in North America; first with systems for automotive production lines, followed by the establishment of operations for manufacturing and distributions systems, and cleanroom production line systems.

Jervis B. Webb’s entry into the Group enabled Daifuku to launch into the airport business. Following, the entry of Elite Line Services and Wynright provided the means for the Group to further expand its business operations in the region.

Daifuku’s global strategy places North America as the most promising market. In addition to sales already surpassing one billion dollars in North America, employee numbers have surpassed 3,000 in the region. In the final year of Daifuku’s medium-term business plan further growth is expected, with the region set to account for 25% of the Group’s sales.

Toward the target of establishing a global business structure, Daifuku reorganized its local affiliates in the U.S. based on business segment. Now, with the aim of increasing corporate value, Daifuku North America is striving for “Value creation through innovation;” “Enhancement of profits through growth strategies centered on business units;” and “Structural reform for sustainable growth.”

For Daifuku, nurturing the trust developed with stakeholders is ever present, and one way it achieves this is by providing the optimal solutions to its customers.

Shuichi Honda, President and CEO
Daifuku North America Holding Company