Daifuku partners with Synnex Australia for new state-of-the-art automated distribution centre in Melbourne

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Daifuku has today announced the continuation of their decades long partnership with leading IT services provider, Synnex Australia, to deliver their new state-of-the-art automated distribution centre in Oakleigh South, Melbourne.

The partnership marks the third major automation project for the two companies. This collaboration builds on their previous successful ventures, including the first automated distribution centre in Sydney, which was built in 2014, and the recent construction of a second distribution centre in Sydney in 2022.

The greenfield site, covering 44,000 square meters, has been purposely designed to position Synnex for further expansion and business growth across Australia.

The modern state-of-the-art facility which commenced construction in April 2023, features Daifuku's Unit Load ASRS and multi-tier STV and Case Conveyor System, has the capacity to accommodate over 7,500 product lines, 15,000 pallets, and process more than 120,000 cartons per week.

Michael Jee, Executive General Manager, Sales and Marketing - Daifuku Oceania, commented, "We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Synnex and support their next growth stage. The completion of the new facility will undoubtedly further cement their position as the market leader."

“This partnership signifies the mutual commitment of Synnex and Daifuku to deliver cutting-edge solutions for full-scale logistics and fulfilment services for the ICT industry. The automated distribution centre will leverage advanced technologies and processes to streamline operations, enabling us to offer greater efficiency, scalability, and responsiveness to meet market and customer demands”, Kee Ong, CEO – Synnex Australia and New Zealand.

Ong further highlights that the project is anticipated to drive significant advancements in automation, and supply chain optimisation, further solidifying Synnex's market presence and reaffirming their commitment to the local ICT industry.

Set to be completed by mid-2024, the extensive project will mark a significant milestone for Synnex, with the investment delivering enhanced capabilities and increased capacity throughout their network.

For media enquiries, please contact:
Kirsty Tull – Head of Marketing and Communications, Daifuku Oceania
Phone: +61 (0) 466 646 906 Email: kirsty.tull@daifukuoc.com

About Daifuku Oceania

Daifuku Oceania, an affiliate of Daifuku Co., Ltd. provides diverse material handling services, solutions, technology, equipment and operational support within the airport, logistics and manufacturing industries. Daifuku Oceania is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, with offices throughout Australia and Malaysia.


About Synnex

Synnex Australia is a leading IT services provider and trusted partner of choice in Australia and New Zealand. Synnex works with more than 60 ICT vendors and 6,000 channel and CE partners, to provide an extensive suite of IT solutions and services. Synnex's business strategy is set for a changing environment, with the goal of providing long term accountability and support across logistics, business advisory, ecommerce, and finance.



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