Online Daifuku Report 2018

Building a Robust Value Chain

Daifuku adapts to new market needs and leverages its wealth of technology and know-how to take on the challenge of developing new material handling fields. Through our after-sales service, including ensuring stable operations and upgrades of systems we deliver, we build solid relationships of trust with customers.

Value Chain: New Needs — System Development — Providing Solutions — Maintenance and Upgrades

Boldly Tackling Challenges in Unfamiliar Fields

Daifuku began by providing car body conveyor systems for passenger automobile factories at the dawn of Japan’s motorization age. Today customers in diverse areas encompassing food and chemical factories, distribution centers, semiconductor and flat-panel display factories, and airports depend on us to deliver highly reliable systems adapted to specific environments and conditions capable of handling a varied range of items. Daifuku will continue to take on the challenge of opening up new fields.

FY2017 orders growth rate
(year on year)

Advanced System Development Capabilities

To provide solutions that meet customer needs, we have testing facilities, such as a tall building in which we can perform testing on stacker cranes 40 meters high and facilities where we can perform tests in a clean environment. The standardization of new technology and products has been achieved through advanced research and development and together with realizing quality with low cost, short lead times, and peace of mind, Daifuku has produced many examples of technology and products that were firsts in industry or even the world.

Engineer ratio to total employees
About 30%

Providing the Optimum Logistic Solutions

We build comprehensive systems from our extensive product lineup. To provide the optimum solutions to match our customers’ needs, we have used such products as 3D software to verify the functions of entire systems and control operations.

FY2017 net sales growth rate
(year on year)

Building Trust with Follow-Up Services

To ensure stable operations of products after delivery, Daifuku has built an after-sales service structure offering full support to customers. Our broad service menu, which includes system upgrades of previously supplied equipment, has allowed us to build long-lasting relationships of trust with customers.

FY2017 service sales growth rate
(year on year)

Building a Robust Value Chain
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