Online Daifuku Report 2018

Daifuku and Changes in the Social Environment

Daifuku positions the changes in the social environment as important management issues, which are reflected in the strategies of its medium-term business plan Value Innovation 2020. Anticipating change moving forward, we will continue to target sustainable growth through the provision of the best solutions to our customers.

Social Environments

  • Increase in
    movement of people
    and goods on a
    global scale
  • Changes in industrial
    structure due to
    innovative technology
  • Intensifying global
    environmental issues

The Impact on Daifuku

  • Localization and

    It has become vital to enhance the brand power and strategy for the Daifuku Group and at the same time increase procurement, production, sales, installation and service capabilities at non-Japanese affiliates.

  • The growing importance
    of development

    Given the growing importance of adopting and applying cutting-edge technologies, including AI and robotics, Daifuku is strengthening development in these areas and considering sourcing these technologies externally.

  • Preservation of the
    global environment

    Daifuku strives to contribute to customers, society and preservation of the global environment through the sustainable development and provision of low-environmental impact material handling systems.

Four Strategic Themes

  • Business Domains
  • Profitability
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Brand Power

Daifuku and Changes in
the Social Environment (PDF: 185 KB)