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Airport Technologies

ATec: Airport Technologies

Sales by business (FY2017)

To maintain efficiency, safety, and reliability, Daifuku provides a broad range of automated systems for airports, including baggage handling systems, self-service baggage check-in systems, baggage tracking systems and other software and controls.

Shuichi Honda
Director and Senior Managing Officer, Airport Technologies

Business and value: Providing the world’s airports industry-leading solutions in baggage handling

The International Air Transport Association estimates that global air travelers will rise to more than 7.8 billion by 2036, as the number of air travelers surpassed 4.0 billion in 2017. With increased baggage volumes and route connections becoming more complex, the efficiency and speed of baggage handling, as well as clearing of lost baggage, have become increasingly important. Daifuku covers the global market through collaboration with three subsidiaries operating in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Daifuku is the only company to cover the three fields of baggage handling equipment, operation and maintenance, and self-service baggage check-in systems. In the future, Daifuku will also strengthen capabilities in the software business domain.

Driving growth: Strengthening existing businesses and cultivating new business domains

In fiscal 2017, Daifuku recorded healthy orders of airport baggage handling systems and secured a number of large projects in North America. When examining sales by region, the U.S. is by far our largest market, occupying some two-thirds of overall market. In North America, airport facilities are aging, leading us to anticipate increased investments to update facilities.

Further, focusing on developed countries that are rolling out strengthened baggage screening criteria, Daifuku offers baggage handling systems that track baggage during the handling phase as well as ergonomically designed and highly efficient mobile inspection tables that use an automatic guided vehicle.

Currently, through the introduction of leading-edge technology, airports around the world are proactively seeking to create smart airports with heightened security and operating efficiency. In addition to its airport-related hardware business, as a hybrid solutions provider, Daifuku is expanding into airport software to secure stable profit streams while supporting enhanced airport-wide efficiency.

At the same time, to provide highly value-added systems, Daifuku is strengthening technical developments such as the early baggage storage that uses its automated warehouse system technology and employs RFID tags for baggage tracking and control.

Featured Product

Self-service bag drop

By following on-screen instructions, passengers are able to check in their own baggage by themselves. This helps save queuing time compared to conventional manned check-in counters.

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