Online Daifuku Report 2018

Key Performance Indicators
(As of March 31, 2018)

Financial Capital

Funds that can be used in sustainable corporate activities

Net sales
¥404.9 billion
(Up 26.2% year on year)
Based on a high level of orders, net sales in fiscal 2017 exceeded ¥400 billion, a new record high.
Operating margin
(Up 2.7percentage points year on year)
Earnings strength significantly increased due to higher sales and cost cutting, among others. In fiscal 2017, the operating margin rose to 9.9%, outstripping the target of 8.0% set out in our medium-term business plan.
Net assets
¥191.4 billion
(Up 34.5% year on year)
Capital increased from ¥15.0 billion to ¥31.8 billion, with the first public offering for 45 years. The raised funds will be used for capital investment to expand future business.

Manufactured Capital

Non-current assets, including production equipment and systems

Production sites
Our global production framework meets rapidly increasing demand in every country and region.
Capital investment
¥6.3 billion
We are continuously making capital investments. In fiscal 2017, the amount increased by ¥400 million year on year. In fiscal 2018, we plan to increase production capacity in Japan and the United States.

Human Capital

The skills and abilities of employees and their motivation as well as the organizational experience

(Up 504 year on year)
Along with an expansion in our global network, the consolidated employee numbers increased. We invigorate our organization by employing diversified human resources.
Employees outside Japan
(Up 400 year on year)
Along with globalization, non-Japanese employees remains above 60% of total employee numbers.
We focus on securing and nurturing talented designers and engineers to meet customer needs with innovative solutions.

Intellectual Capital

All types of intangible assets, including intellectual property and software with the aim of creating value

R&D expenses
¥8.1 billion
Research and development expenses, the source of our competitiveness, are maintained at about 2% of net sales.
Patents held
Our development capabilities are shown by the number of patents in more than 30 countries and regions.

Natural Capital

The natural environment and material resources that have an impact on the Company’s business activities and its sustainability

Certified Daifuku
We operate the Daifuku Eco-Products Certification Program to contribute to global environment conservation.
CO2 reduction contribution
from products and services
53,327tons of CO2 per year
To contribute to creating a sustainable global environment, we strive to reduce CO2 emissions by providing customers with our environmentally friendly products and services.

Key Performance Indicators
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