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Contec: Electronics

Sales by business (FY2017)

Daifuku established Contec Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary in 1975 to pursue new business opportunities in the electronic device field. Since its creation, Contec has operated independently and is now listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Contec contributes to society by providing “Technology for a better life”—ranging from high-end industrial computers to measurement control systems boards and network systems.

Katsutoshi Fujiki
President and CEO, Contec Co., Ltd.

Business and value: Providing industrial electronic devices and IoT solutions

Contec markets in-house developed products to the factory automation, semiconductor, medical, railway, and transportation sectors.

We offer a broad range of IoT-enabled equipment that links devices via the Internet. Along with developing, manufacturing, and marketing I/O (input/output) boards for signal processing essential in measurement control systems, Contec’s comprehensive lineup of IoT solutions, includes software and equipment for machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, which are increasingly in demand to provide remote monitoring of active systems and for preventive maintenance of factory equipment. We also offer cloud services enabling centralized control of data accumulated from sensors used in factories, water treatment facilities, and renewable energy operations.

Driving growth: Strong sales of IoT and controller equipment

Japanese companies actively invested in new equipment in fiscal 2017. In this environment, Contec posted strong sales of industrial computers and controllers for the semiconductor manufacturing equipment industry. Sales were likewise robust for IoT devices, notably measurement control boards for manufacturing facilities and wireless LAN equipment for retail outlets. Contec is currently strengthening its technical development and renewing its production system to develop its global sales capabilities for IoT equipment and AI integrated technology.

Contec’s CONPROSYS M2M/IoT solutions are in use in the company’s factories in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, and Florida, the United States. The system’s “data visualization” feature brings improvements in quality, cost, and delivery, which in turn leads to increased profitability. In addition, we offer specialized factory tours to demonstrate exactly how the system works.

Featured Product

Elderly well-being monitor app

Contec has focused its latest IoT technology to provide support services for caregivers, primarily for those supporting the elderly. A smartphone app enables the monitoring of the well-being of elderly persons living alone, using data gathered from devices with sensors to detect fluctuations in lighting, room temperature, and human activity.

Safety products for security

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