Online Daifuku Report 2018

Car Wash Machines

AWT: Auto Washing Technologies

Sales by business (FY2017)

Daifuku provides car wash machines and related equipment for service stations, car dealerships, and self-service car washes. The parent company Daifuku produces and its subsidiary Daifuku Plusmore Co., Ltd. markets and services these systems and is the leading provider of car wash machines commanding 40% of the Japanese market. As the industry leader with a 60% share in South Korea, where washing vehicles at home is prohibited, production and sales are also growing.

Akira Ikari
Managing Officer, Auto Washing Technologies, President of Daifuku Plusmore Co., Ltd.

Business and value: Delivering the leading-edge car wash technology

Daifuku began producing car wash machines in 1977 using technologies it had developed in the material handling field. We have been consistently the first to introduce innovative technologies to the market, releasing Japan’s first microcomputer-equipped car wash machine, tunnel-type car wash machines using roller conveyor technology, machines that conserve water and reduce sound emissions, and that use plant-based detergent.

With the rapid growth of electric and hybrid vehicles that consume less gasoline, service stations seek ways to increase profits through their services other than providing fuel oil. We respond positively to their needs with our car wash machines with advanced washing features, shorter wash times, and environmentally friendly features. Our large-sized vehicle wash machines are also attracting increasing attention as demand for washing systems for trucks and buses rises with the increasing volume of package and product deliveries and the growing number of inbound travelers.

Driving growth: Capturing diverse demand in the car wash sector

Our sales to service stations increased in fiscal 2017 with support from the Japanese government subsidy program. This included increased sales of our “Sliding Bubble” car wash machine specifically designed to attract the attention of drivers. We anticipate demand for car wash machines to diversify beyond service stations and are strengthening our marketing to car dealerships and to the transportation and logistics sectors that have strong demand for energy-efficient systems. We are also stepping up our marketing to the bus and rental car sectors, which are seeing brisk demand from booming inbound tourism.

We are also focusing on the service business. Using our industry-leading sales and service network, we have strengthened proposals including meticulously refined after-sales service and upgrades for previously installed machines. We have also set up the industry’s first service call center, thereby strengthening our service network.

Featured Product

“Camion Custom” large-sized vehicle wash machine

This is our latest product designed specifically for washing large trucks and buses. It vastly shortens wash times by using a special sensor to detect a vehicle’s height and to optimize washer brush operation. The wash cycle time for a 10-ton, 12-meter-long vehicle is just three minutes and 55 seconds, the shortest in the industry. It is also unmatched in water-saving with its latest water control technology using just 150 liters per vehicle in the rinse-only mode.

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