Online Daifuku Report 2018

Growth StrategyMedium-Term Business Plan

Daifuku’s Value Innovation 2020 medium-term business plan, covering the four years from April 2017 to March 2021, focuses on the four themes of “business domains,” “profitability,” “operational efficiency,” and “brand power” and targets the development of enhanced growth strategies. In fiscal 2017, orders for systems for airports increased favorably.

Value Innovation 2020: Business Domains, Profitability, Operational Efficiency, Brand Power

Establishing new core business

Daifuku’s plan targets the establishment of its Airport Technologies (ATec) business, an area expected to expand moving forward, as one of four core businesses. We are strengthening capabilities in the software domain not only for baggage handling but also for passengers.

ATec orderschart

Enhancing product value

Daifuku is aiming to differentiate its products through the development of systems incorporating such digital technology as imaging, robotics, and AI.

R&D expenses chart

Accelerating localization

Every year net sales increase and non-Japan operations are growing in importance. Daifuku strives to increase profitability by raising the profile of local management with close ties to each local region worldwide.

Net sales, operating marginchart

Enhancing corporate value

In October 2017, Daifuku received a positive valuation of its strengthened financial structure, and Rating and Investment Information, Inc. (R&I) raised the Company’s rating from A- (A minus) to A (single A). We will aim to enhance our brand power by strengthening our efforts to create social value, including through environmental preservation.

Market capitalizationchart

Growth Strategy (PDF: 150 KB)