Online Daifuku Report 2018

Accelerating Value CreationStrong Foundation for Growth

The globally integrated structure is one of Daifuku’s core strengths, encompassing consulting, system design, production, installation, after-sales services to ensure long-term stable operations, and retrofits. This integrated structure has delivered a solid track record of installations and earned trust of customers.

Seamless Support Capabilities

Consulting » Planning Engineering » Design » Production » Installation and Operation » After-sales service

Our strengths lie in our comprehensive capabilities, ranging from consulting to after-sales services for customers. We are producing in-house a large number of products and provide the best systems for customers by integrating our various products.

Global Reach

chart: Sales by region

Daifuku’s non-Japan sales ratio reached 67% in fiscal 2017. Mainly focusing on two areas—Asia, where we anticipate strong growth, and North America, with its large economy—we are enhancing local productions.

Unrivaled Comprehensive Strengths

chart: Top 5 worldwide materials handling systems suppliers 2017

Our business development across a broad range of fields, including manufacturing, distribution and airports, leads to stable earnings.

Installation Record

  • Total length of automobile production line systems delivered: 5,000km
  • Stacker cranes for automated warehouse systems: 31,000units

The total length of automobile production line systems delivered by Daifuku exceeded 5,000 kilometers, equivalent to the distance between Japan and Singapore. Moreover, we have delivered more than 31,000 stacker cranes. Even after delivery, we are building trust relationships with customers through services and upgrades of facilities.

Accelerating Value Creation
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